Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Chic Silber

 Hi Buckles
The notes about the stack smoke color
on the locomotive shown in the film frames
reminded me of this photo of the last great
restored Union Pacific steam engine

 Must have been wasting tons of coal

More Train Wrecks #1 (From Eric Beheim)

Here are a few frame enlargements from DeMille’s 1939 film UNION PACIFIC, showing another train wreck staged with miniatures.

More Train Wrecks #2

More Train Wrecks #3

More Train Wrecks #4

More Train Wrecks #5

More Train Wrecks #6

From Julie Mensching

I just wanted to let you know that my dad, Billy Rowlett passed away on March 1st of this year. He had been sick and fought for almost 8 months. The last two months of my dad's life, I shared with his pictures from your blog and he talked quite abit about his elephants, especially kenya. I know you must have tons of pictures, but if you come across any of my dad would you mind scanning them and sending them to me?
Thanks so much,
Julie Mensching

Billy Rowlett's Daughter

"Kenya" #1

"Dear Julie,
Certainly feel sorry to hear of your loss. Billy was a great guy and hard worker.
Unfortunately I havn't been able to find a photo, something might turn up yet since material comes in all the time.
In the meantime here are some shots of "Kenya" shortly after her shipment from Africa to the Polack Show in 1966 and being admired by fellow trainer Bert Pettus."


"Kenya" #2

After a few weeks of training after arriving home in Florida.

"Kenya" #3

"Kenya" #4

Her first appearance before the public in Flint, Michigan.
I threw this ornamental headpiece together so she wouldn't have to make her debut completely naked.

"Kenya" #5

"Kenya" #6

"Kenya" #7

"Kenya" seen here in her later years at the Louisville Zoo where she was held in high esteem.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Train Wreck #1 (From Eric Beheim)

The recently-posted photo showing some of the miniature railroad cars used in the train wreck sequence from DeMille’s TGSOE inspired me to scan in some frame enlargements showing these miniatures as they appear in the film. Now-a-days, a wreck like this would probably be done using computer-generated trains. But then again, the train wreck in the Harrison Ford film THE FUGITIVE was done using a real train, which, surprisingly, was cheaper than using a computer-generated train. 

Train Wreck #2

Train Wreck #3

Train Wreck #4

Train Wreck #5

Train Wreck #6

A close examination of this scene shows that the real people superimposed into the miniature set are out of scale to the train.

Train Wreck #7

Train Wreck #8

Train Wreck #9

Train Wreck #10

Train Wreck #11

Train Wreck #12

Train Wreck #13

Train Wreck #14

Train Wreck #15

Train Wreck #16

Train Wreck #17

Train Wreck #18

In 1938, Kodak published a book for amateur movie-makers titled HOW TO MAKE GOOD MOVIES. A chapter on doing trick shots includes instructions for filming a train wreck using toy trains: “Arrange the coupled cars in a pile-up, and, with your camera upside down, film the cars as you pull them off the heap with a thin string or an unseen hand. When the scene has been reversed end for end in the film, you’ll have a first rate train wreck.” 

Train Wreck #19

Train Wreck #20

Friday, June 28, 2013

From Barbara Woodcock

Katie's Birthday party, 8 years old.

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #1 (From Vincent Manero)

Here is my last set of photos of this trip. I saw the Gold Unit « Fully Charged » in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I had a great time and was very pleased with this fast moving production of Ringling Bros. Just miss a Cat act.

All Animals acts were presented by Brett and Catherine Carden.

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #2

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #3

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #4

Catherine presented also a nice and full of energy Dog act that seemed to be enjoyed by many spectators.

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #5

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #6

The last Animal presentation was the Elephants. Dutchess and Patty were presented by Brett and Catherine Carden. Great presentation even if their 3rd Elephant Carol was not performing (she was shot a few weeks ago in Tupelo, MS). She is back on the Show but doesn't work in the act at the moment.

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #7

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #8

2013 RBBB Gold Unit #9

From Sue Lenz

Check it out: This is one awesome bear. [VIDEO]]

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Kay is 8 years old today.
Shannon gets off work at noon so we'll all pile into our car and swing by the Dance School, pick up the Birthday Girl and continue on to Chumpy Cheese in Brandon.
Probably a movie after that. Everyone, my wife included, wants to see Superman.
At the risk of missing the sterling dialogue, I will improvise some sort of ear plugs to prevent adding to the damage I received from the last movie I attended.

The Hannefords #1

"Edwin Hanneford on the steps of their caravan 1895.
Nana Hanneford  holding Elizabeth and Poodles seated on the ground."


The Hannefords #2

The Hannefords #3

Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

The Hannefords #4