Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Circus World!

I was hired to take over the Circus World elephants under the Direction of Hugo Schmitt by Chappie Fox in Mid-1973 under a Blood Oath to keep it secret!
Imagine the Agony of  Jack Potting with John Herriott and the boys without letting it slip out!
When the Day came, I managed to talk my way into Winter Quarters and approached Hugo with, "Hello! I've come to take your job!"
English elephants were a bit difficult to get used to!....kept wanting to walk on the Left side of the road!

#1 Circus World!

Had a nice chat on the Phone yesterday with Scott Riddle rehashing old times about RBBB Circus World!

#2 Circus World!

At last we were moving out of the Sarasota Quarters!

#3 Circus World!

The day of Departure with Piccolo assisting in an Advisory Capacity!

#4 Circus World!

#5 Circus World!

Lloyd Morgan at left breathing a Sigh of Relief getting us out of his Winter Quarters!

#6 Circus World!

Time for a Miller Lite!
Dave Mullaney, Ralph Shapacher, Gary Hill, Donnie Bale, Johnny Walker, Bucky Steele, Myself, Scott Riddle, Miguel Vargas,

#7 Circus World!

Had a nice chat with Scott on the Phone yesterday!
.....rehashed a lot of Old Times!

#8 Circus World!

#9 Circus World!

Chappie Fox and Jim Hergen examining "Baby Charlie" on the day of arrival.
Some time later Charlie Bauman stopped by and thanked me for naming an elephant after him!
Somebody on the Show must have been Ragging Him since I had Charles Ringling in mind but I let it pass!

#10 Circus World!

.....What are You Guys Up To?

#11 Circus World!

First thing I noticed after arrival was that the Herd was "Lousy"!
Here we are taking care of that problem with Neatsfoot Oil!

#12 Circus World!

#13 Circus World!

A visit from my Mother!

#14 Circus World!

We Performed Outdoors until the Theater was constructed!

#15 Circus World!

I named this elephant "Sophie" after Chappie Fox's Wife and when I told her she replied "Oh! Really!".....she was Underwhelmed!

#16 Circus World!

Disgraceful!.....in such a Hurry to get down to Rosie O'Gradys' she is still in Show Make-Up!
.....for a while I thought I might have to challenge this Young Gentleman to a Duel!

#17 Circus World!

Harold Ronk, Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Bale, Barbara, Dalilah, Arnold Maley, George Thompson and Bob Harrison!

#18 Circus World!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy Birthday


#1 Family Pix!

#2 Family Pix!

How's that for a Game Face?

#3 Family Pix!

Hot Springs Trojans!
Duane Bowman #75 lives in California and we still communicate!

#4 Family Pix!

Always liked Little dogs!
.....in Fact, one sitting in my lap as I type this!

#5 Family Pix!

U.S. Government interrupted my Career for two Years!

#6 Family Pix!

What every Bride Longs For!
.....A Paris Wedding (Texas)!
This came about because Oklahoma had a Six Month Waiting Period after a Divorce!
Attendees were Wanda Moore, the Bride and Groom, My Mother, Shirley and Charlie Rex!

#7 Family Pix!

"Sadie", "Lydia" and "Anna May"!

#8 Family Pix!

#9 Family Pix!

I remember this day at the Omaha Shrine Circus!
Ben had just gotten a new Skate Board and forgot to duck under the guard rope hence the mark on his throat!

#10 Family Pix!

#11 Family Pix!

.....A Special Delivery!

#12 Family Pix!

#13 Family Pix!

Buckles, Barbara, Karen
Shannon, Dalilah and Shane!
Don Foote went wild with those sequins!

#14 Family Pix!

#15 Family Pix!

#16 Family Pix!

#17 Family Pix!

Happy Birthday!