Thursday, August 31, 2017

#1 Blue Show

Timely picture with all the "Katrina" turmoil in Washington these days.

#2 Blue Show

"Siam" and Robert "Sonny" Ridley.

#3 Blue Show

Axel and Hugo Schmitt giving the little Kiddies the thrill of a lifetime!

#4 Blue Show

Larry Allen Dean,

#5 Blue Show

#6 Blue Show

#7 Blue Show

#8 Blue Show

Chic, What is this?

#9 Blue Show

My "Great Pumpkin Outfit" to the glee of Ted Svertesky in the background!

#10 Blue Show

#11 Blue Show

#12 Blue Show

I wish my father had lived long enough to see "Anna May" in Madison Sq. Garden.

#13 Blue Show

We had three "One Foot Stands".

#14 Blue Show

#15 Blue Show

#1 Extra

Fifteen years later after being called back following the train wreck.

#2 Extra

Melenie Heitzheusen, Shannon and I practicing "Romeo" and "Juliet".

#3 Extra

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

#1 Family Pix

William Woodcock Sr. at left presenting the Robinson Military Elephants "Tillie", "Tony", "Pitt" (Petite) and "Clara".

#2 Family Pix

Halls Farm Lancaster, Missouri, William Woodcock and "Major".

#3 Family Pix

My Mother......I was born in Lancaster.

#4 Family Pix

#5 Family Pix

My father's first attempt at owning his own elephant and after talking his mother into a down payment "Mr. Toto" came into "Musth" and tore up the contract.
.....Hall never returned the money.

#6 Family Pix

My mother's sister Nellie Orton with "Virginia".

#7 Family Pix

Another Ill-Fated deal sponsored by my Aunt Nellie's wealthy husband and ended abruptly after "Virginia" Took It on the Duffy" a few times and damaged some property.
Ironically later owned by Mills Bros. Circus and known as "Big Burma" marched in a Presidential Parade!

#8 Family Pix

On a back lot in Hollywood with "Mary", "Sidney" and "Anna May", later sold to Clyde Beatty.
That's not me.

#9 Family Pix

Working the Terrell Jacobs elephants "Modoc", "Empress" and "Judy".

#10 Family Pix

Parade in Toronto with the Conklin Shows

#11 Family Pix

Making a Bally with "Modoc" and clown George Churchill.

#12 Family Pix

.....pretty sturdy Bally Platform!

#13 Family Pix

Bill Woodcock and "Mabel" in Hugo Quarters.

#14 Family Pix