Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trump Sarasota Rally (From Shannon)

I am inside, but saw this on Twitter can't tell who it is. The joint is packed! 


Update: My wife and were in line at 8am. Doors opened at 9:45a. Rally was not scheduled to start until Noon.

You had to go thru Secret Service security, once in the building, you stay in.

While waiting inside, I saw the picture above on Twitter.

Here are some others of the Murray's at the Trump Rally....

This is what it looked like inside....

Top that Hillary!

Clyde Beatty #1

Clyde Beatty #2

Clyde Beatty #3

Clyde Beatty #4

This looks like a movie publicity shot.

Clyde Beatty #5

An odd picture.
My father once told me that Ms Beatty was highly inaccurate with the whip and often he and "Anna May" came out of the act worse from wear than the cats.

Clyde Beatty #6

Gentleman is identified as "Bob".

Clyde Beatty #7

Clyde Beatty #8

Rosie Alexander and Gee Gee maybe someone knows the third lady.

Clyde Beatty #9

One of the perks of lion training.

Clyde Beatty #10

Clyde Beatty #11

I never could figure out this Yiddish bit, maybe something to do with a Clown Wedding number.
Pretty lady.

Clyde Beatty #12

Clyde Beatty #13

The End!

Clyde Beatty #14

Friday, November 27, 2015

Circus Vargas #1

Circus Vargas #2

Can't remember the year but we had the elephants booked out at two different locations handled by Ben and Chico leaving my wife and I anticipating a summer alone at home.
In so doing we went to Columbus for the CFA Convention and the guest of Honor was Cliff Vargas who asked if I would do some work on his elephants.
I said no but was overruled by my wife when she heard the money offered.

Circus Vargas #3 here I find myself out in  West in Pico-something Calif.?

Circus Vargas #4

Vargas presented the chap at right to me and asked if I could show him how to work elephants and if I am correct he later became famous with"Joe" in Europe.

Circus Vargas #5

"Sue", "Joe" and "Hattie" with me sending "Brat" thru to Shannon, Steve Patton at right.

Circus Vargas #6

Circus Vargas #7

Putting a hind leg walk on "Brat", had to use Hogjaw and "Hattie" along side at first to block him from going back to the picket line.....he could be a hand full.

Circus Vargas #8

I used daughter Dalilah to break some of the mounts.

Circus Vargas #9

Starting "Joe" out on the leg carry.

Circus Vargas #10

.....the finished product!

Circus Vargas #11

Circus Vargas #12