Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wenatchee Youth Circus (From Chic Silber)

From Paul Gutheil

Just got a letter and photo from fellow friend/fan in Wetherherst saying she was recently surprised to find that Cliftton Sparks' nephew, born on the Sparks Show, lives just 15 minutes away from her farm.
Sadly he had Terminal Cancer and told Jane and group that no one wants to hear about circus anymore.
She told him that he was with one group that certainly did. He is reportedly the last surviving member of the Sparks family.

From Paul Gutheil #2

 Also, Dave Price said to forward the attached cartoon to you. So I am, even though I may have sent it some time ago.

2013 Wenatchee Youth Circus (From Jim Cole)

2013 Wenatchee #2

2013 Wenatchee #3

2013 Wenatchee #4

2013 Wenatchee #5

2013 Wenatchee #6

2013 Wenatchee #7

2013 Wenatchee #8

2013 Wenatchee #9

2013 Wenatchee #10

2013 Wenatchee #11

2013 Wenatchee #12

2013 Wenatchee #13

2013 Wenatchee #14

2013 Wenatchee #15

Friday, August 30, 2013

Forgot The Most Important Picture!


From Chic Silber

 Robert (Bobby) Mitchell was the announcer

 on Polack during some of the 60s

From Buckles

During our years on the show these were the people we dealt with most, Henry Kyes, Musical Director, Ross Paul Manager (former announcer for many years) and Phil MCDonald who under Mr. Paul's tutelage announced the show.

1960's Polack Bros. #1

"Opal" and Barbara.

1960's Polack Bros. #2

1960's #3

1960's Polack Bros. #4

1960's Polack Bros. #5

"Anna May! your foot getting tired?"

1960's Polack Bros. #6

1960's Polack Bros. #7

1960's Polack Bros. #8

1960's Polack Bros. #9

1960's Polack Bros. #10

From Paul Gutheil #1

Bucky Steele

From Paul Gutheil #2

 That's Al Vidbel on the left of course. God bless him and Joyce for the very fine show they had out for 20 + years. We planned all our spring, summer, fall activities around the Vidbel show.
Say you know who gave us our initial intro to Al and Joyce all those years ago? Just look in the mirror. Forever grateful for that and so much more.

BE WELL ! Paul    

Showfolks Circus

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bucky Steele Elephants (From Wayne Jackson)

"Busy day today!
8 AM Dental appointment in Brandon to have Kay's braces installed.
1 PM lawn mower delivery.
2:30 Pick up Jamie from school bus.
6:30 Pick up Ryan after football practice"

Bucky Steele Elephants #2

The photos were taken back in 1980 at the Dallas Shrine date by Toby Styles and the presenter was Barbara Tata working Bucky Steele’s Elephants, in the other two rings were Lee Keener with his six act and Carin Christiani with her four girls!


Bucky Steele Elephants #3

Bucky Steele Elephants #4

Unidentified #1

Same lady?

Unidentified #2

From Eric Beheim

(Frame enlargements from a 1937 MGM Technicolor short subject that featured Ms. Wong in a sequence where she models several Chinese dresses.)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From Chic Silber

 Image for Roger

 Buckles might this be your late (& lovely) lady pachyderm?

From Buckles

The elephant with Durante was named after this lady, silent screen actress Anna May Wong.
This happened in 1925 at Hall's Farm when after taking delivery on a group of young elephants my father, being an admirer of Miss Wong (he referred to her as having hair the color of the raven's wing) talked Hall into naming one after her.
Others well remembered from that group were "Sidney", "Wilma" (named after Hall's daughters) "Nellie" and "Tessie".
25 years later Kelly-Miller bought three small elephants from the Polack Show, due to ill health Cheerful Gardner was unable to continue their training and the show decided to hire the MGM Elephants instead.
On their delivery to Hugo, Cheerful told my Dad their names were "April", "May" and "June" and of course before long "May" became "Anna May" who would eventually came into our ownership

Arena Update #1 (From Don Covington)

Demolition continues on the former Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey winterquarters in Venice, Florida.

As work progressed, structural engineers determined that the majority of the structure was unsound and recommended that it be completely removed.

Arena Update #2

Arena Update #3

In a compromise worked out with the "Save the Historic Venice Circus Arena Foundation", current plans are to utilize a portion of the superstructure in a new open air public space on the site.

To Jim Elliott

In regard to your question about the elephants "Daisy", "Mabel" and "Jess", all three are seen among the 21 elephants in this 1951 shot taken in Hugo of the combined herds of Kelly-Miller, Cole & Walters and Stevens Bros circuses.

Also included is no doubt more information than you cared to receive.
One must always be careful what he wishes for!

"Daisy" #1

"Daisy" #2

"Daisy" seen loading out equipment at Christy's quarters in S. Houston bound for the new Ken Maynard Show in California 1936.

"Daisy" #3

"Daisy", "Dixie" and "Myrtle" playing Fair Dates in the 1930's after the Christy Show had folded.
Trainer is Jack Lorenzo.