Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year #4

Hi Buckles,

Attached is a scan of an antique luggage sticker in my collection. Don't know exactly how and where you can use this on the blog, but here it is anyhow.

Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year #3


(The above statement reminds me Smokey once said that when he took over the elephants on the Ringling Show, the first day one of the hands told him "I know I've always got a job here. Ruth won't drink for anyone else.
Smokey, of course, immediately transferred him over to Ringstock and when he saw him in the cook house the next day he said, "She drank.") Buckles Posted by Picasa

Happy New Year #2

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Happy New Year!

We close out 2006 with some wonderful animal pictures but also on a bit of a sour note regarding the "Great Wig Debate".
Even that subject was handled with decorum tho and no one was tactless enough to suggest that the sales of Bello wigs might fit into the equasion. Posted by Picasa

From Raffaele De Ritis #1

1961, Holland. Fred Petoletti presenting the 24 lipizans of Circus Williams. Posted by Picasa

From Raffaele De Ritis #2

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From Raffaele De Ritis #3

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From Jim Cole "Titans of the Tigers" Vol 4

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Robert McPherson Peru, IN Quarters 1928

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David McMillan 1983

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Nikolai Pavlenko Moscow Circus 1988

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David Tetzlaff 1990

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Tyrone Taylor RBBB 1995

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Karoly Donnert 2005

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

From Wayne Jackson

G’day Buckles,
This morning I received a CD from Jack Regan, who you met back in 74-75 when he worked at the Central Florida Zoo with young Sobik. Jack included this newspaper photo that was taken at Circus World and I was wondering if you are the one under the female’s neck? I’ve included all Jack’s photos including a few of Sobik, now Tusko at his new home at the Portland Zoo.

I have several photos of Circus Vargas back in ’77 and ’78, taken by Toby Styles, would you be interested in identifying the various elephants with Dick Drake and Rex? I sent Scott Riddle a copy of the photos, but unfortunately he couldn’t help me.

Keep up the great work on your Blog site, I’m sure your Dad would be really happy!

Happy Days
Wayne Posted by Picasa

Gary Hill (Central Florida Zoo) #1

Now years later, back at the zoo, "Sobik" has doubled in size and thru the effort of his keepers has maintained his tub sit-up.

He was originally purchased for the zoo by Sobik's Restaurant and during his stay with us at Circus World, nobody could remember his name so Jacobson tagged him "Sawbuck" which is what we called him. Posted by Picasa

Gary Hill (Central Florida Zoo) #2

"Sobik" will now attempt the two-foot stand. Posted by Picasa

From Wayne Jackson

"Tusko" (Sobik) now in the Portland Zoo.

"Strange name for a tuskless elephant" Buckles Posted by Picasa

Latest News Flash from the Incredible Shrinking Show!

Word hazzit that the German has been disqualified from the elephant display. Possibly in a dispute over who gets to wear the Bello wig.
On the other hand a number of the artists are upset over being thus attired in finale.
To quote Mel Brooks "Sire! Sire! the peasants are revolting.", "They soint'ly are, they stink to high heaven!."

From Gary Hill #1

"Abu", "Bubbles" and me.

"I had a struggle with the Blog this morning. Wayne Jackson sent me a picture from a newspaper article showing a young male elephant "Sobik" collared to "Anna May" at Circus World. Accompanied with a picture of him today as seen in the Portland Zoo and known as "Tusko". We only had him for a few days and while there we broke him to lie down and sit on a tub, after which he could easily be led around and handled when he returned to his home at the Central Florida Zoo. Gary Hill was also later involved with this elephant.
This was to be the centerpiece of todays article but the Blog refused to accept the newspaper photo and I had to do a lot of tap dancing and back tracking." BucklesPosted by Picasa

From Gary Hill #2

With "Konti" in Dallas.

"When I first arrived in Venice in November of 1973, Gary was already there with a number of other people from the Dallas Park, awaiting the construction of Circus World in Davenport, Fl. The animals they had brought with them were intended for the African Veldt area of the forthcoming park but now also in limbo, had been dispersed around around the country.
As is well known, Gulf Oil (the Parent Company) kicked out and the whole project never developed. The two elephants "Doc" and "Konti" eventually came under my care." BucklesPosted by Picasa

From Gary Hill #3

"Sucking up to the boss, I renamed her "Bonnie" after Kenny's new bride. Here we see Scott Riddle practicing after she had learned a few stunts." Buckles Posted by Picasa

Ringling Circus World 1974-75 #1

We did a lot of training those first few years, replacing old elephants with younger ones. Having been placed on the Endangered List, baby elephants could no longer be imported and the only alternatives were males already in this country.

In this case, Rex Williams had just dropped off this little guy that I named "Charlie" after Charles Ringling not Charly Baumann as some people claimed.
I am told that today, he is the principal breeding male elephant at the Ringling Stud Farm. Posted by Picasa

Ringling Circus World 1974-75 #2

This is Gary Jacobson with "Major" shown after we started doing shows in the arena. In the opening Montage, he pedaled a tricycle along with human cyclists, all wearing green hats like this one.Posted by Picasa

Ringling Circus World 1974-75 #3

"Vance" also remains at the Ringling Stud Farm today, this is he and I shortly after he came from the Safari Park in Palm Beach. He was pretty big already, clumsy and not too bright but he did the best he could. Posted by Picasa

Ringling Cirus World 1974-75 #4

"Hugo" was the largest one I trained for the ring that year and as it turned out, the one with the most talent.
He had also been at the Dallas Park with Gary Hill, where they called him "Doc". I renamed him after the man I had replaced, the great Hugo Schmitt.
"Hugo" now also resides in the Portland Zoo. Posted by Picasa