Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marcan Tiger Preserve #1 (From Josip Marcan)

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Marcan Tiger Preserve.
Snow white Tiger babies.

An attendant must be on hand at all times.

Marcan Tiger Preserve #2

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Marcan Tiger Preserve #3

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The Attendant!

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #1

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1908 was the first season under Ringling ownership having purchased the Greatest Show on Earth from the Bailey Estate on October 22, the previous year.

Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #2

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #3

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #4

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #5

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #6

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #7

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #8

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #9

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #10

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #11

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #12

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #13

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #14

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This interesting picture shows the elephant herd not long after the show's return from from Europe. The fifth elephant from the left is wearing a martingale and might possibly be "Columbia" who, according to circus lore, was responsible for the Barnum, Hutchinson, Bailey combine in 1881.

COLUMBIA (Young America) (female)
1880 Cooper & Bailey Circus (First elephant born in America)
Born March 10, 1880
Weight 214 lbs.
Height 35 inches
Trunk length 12 inches
Father "Brasil"
Mother "Hebe" (Babe)

1881-87 Barnum & London Circus
1888-05 Barnum & Bailey Circus (Including 5 years in Europe)
She unfortunately developed a vicious disposition and was executed in 1905.
If correct, the man in the dark uniform standing next to her would be George Bates the only man that could handle her in her final years

Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #15

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #16

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Barnum & Bailey Program 1908 #17

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The construction of the somersalting automobile apparatus, (accomplished during the hippodrome races) must have been almost as exciting as the races themselves.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Circus World Museum 1984 #1 (From Paul Ingrassia)

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1. I did a lot of Television telling the story. At one time had twelve cameras working aimed at me. As you can see, age has blessed me with a few pounds that you are doing so well taking off.

Circus World Museum 1984 #2

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2. Bob Parkinson, then acting director of CWM, watches me doing a tap dance for the TV crew before a wagon we eventually restored.

Circus World Museum 1984 #3

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3. They say one picture is worth a hundred words. This one was and the Buffalo Bill ticket wagon was completely restored.

Circus World Museum 1984 #4

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4. Another success story as one of three chain-drive Macks was completely redone and worked daily.

Circus World Museum 1984 #5

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5. Elephant guy, sort of scruffy looking, getting his picture taken. Nothing like elephants to excite attention (and money).

Circus World Museum 1984 #6

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6. Pretty girls working at CWM Show.

Circus World Museum 1984 #7

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7. Aforementioned Scruffy elephant guy with me and the Governor of Wisconsin at the time, Tony Earle.

Circus World Museum 1984 #8

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8. Two guys that helped it all happen. Bob Parkinson and Chappie Fox, on the circus train on it's way to Milwaukee for the first of many very, very Great Circus Parades.

Circus World Museum 1984 #9

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9. Merle Evans and I at the showgrounds in Milwaukee. Lots of show folks came from all over the world.

Circus World Museum 1984 #10

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10. Ernest Borgnine, came for free and did publicity and events. His gorgeous wife Tova was with him was with him as we planned an appearance.

I guess all this seems pretty self-serving. These are good memories for me and I hope for you and some of your fans.
Paul Ingrassia

2009 CHS Convention (From Robert Sabia)

Dear Friends:
This is a heads up communication. The situation is not final as we are working on the menus but my expectation is to be completed in about a week.
This splendid convention site is the direct result of the supreme effort by our CHS colleague Paul Ingrassia who was the Advance Man and Contracting Agent in securing the following:
Site - The Comfort Inn and Suites, Downtown Lakeshore. This outstanding facility overlooks Lake Michigan and is only a couple of short blocks from the Circus Parade Staging Area.
Rate - $99.50 per night which includes Deluxe Continental Breakfast, Morning Newspaper, Fitness Area and other amenities
Contact Point - Jill Eannelli (sales manager)
Overview Schedule
9 July 2009 - Registration in Afternoon
1730 - 1830 hours - Social hour
10 July 2009 - Papers
1200 hours - 1300 hours - CHS sponsored lunch
2000 hours - -----Auction
11 July 2009 - Papers
1200 hours - 1300 hours - CHS Sponsored Lunch
1900 hours - CHS Sponsored Banquet - Speaker TBD
12 July 2009 - Circus Parade - May be circus performance depending on circus schedule.
More to come. It will be fleshed out shortly.
Thank You Paul
Best in Happiness
Robert F

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Card #1

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As I have mentioned before, my dad collected a variety of show related things including about four hundred post cards.
Quite a few came thru the mail and are dated but as it's been 45 years since he passed away, all are of some interest.

Post Card #3

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Post Card #2

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Post Card #4

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This card is dated 11/18/54:

Dear Bill,
Just a card to say hello and did you get my letter I sent you last spring?
I sent you a RAS check. Let me hear from you sometime.

Troy Scruggs

Tigers in South Carolina #1 (From Sue Lenz)

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When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother, Anjana came to the Rescue. Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in South Carolina, became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle feeding. But here's the truly amazing part: Anjana does this all the time, having raised leopard and lion cubs.

Tigers in South Carolina #2

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Tigers in South Carolina #3

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Tigers in South Carolina #4

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From Mike Naugton

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A little Evansville trivia...

Happy 14th Retirement Anniversary to The Lenzs, Sue and Rudi.

They spent their last two years of touring with Ringling, then went to Evansville where they officially retired.

Prior to Ringling and his marriage to Sue, Rudi and his brother, Willy did a season with Pollack. In 1966 Sue and Rudi were flown to Los Angeles to appear on Hollywood Palace.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

From Peggy Williams

The funeral arrangements for Charlie Smith, long time Ringling Bros. Trainmaster, have been finalized. He is survived by his wife Kitty Smith.
See below.
Saturday, Nov 29, 2008
Ewing Funeral Home
140 E Venice Avenue
Venice Fla 34285
Visitation: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Funeral: 12:30pm
Depart for cemetary: 2:00pm convoy to Venice Memorial Gardens , 1950 Center Road, Venice, FL 34292
[Charlie will be buried next to Gunther]
Flowers can be sent directly to funeral home.
In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to:
ShowFolks of Sarasota.
P O Box 1476
Sarasota, FL 34230
Cards of condolence may be sent to Kitty Smith at:
117 Palm Avenue
Nokomis, FL 34275
Please email or call with any questions.
Thank you.
Peggy Williams
Education Outreach Manager
Feld Entertainment

From John Francis Dolphin

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Hello everyone,

Today is Thanksgiving, November 27th.
I give thanks to God for all that he has given to me this past year.
But most of all to your friendship throughout this past year.
Even though I am here in Latin America and presently at an assembly here at our Maryknoll House in Lima. Peru.
There are 20 Maryknollers present here in the house for our Post Chapter meeting that was recently held at Maryknoll, New York.
We will be closing this Maryknoll house at the end of December after more than 50 years. Due to the lack of members, we will be living in an apartment.
We have a new leadership team at Maryknoll, New York now.
So it is time now to give Thanks.
And I give thanks to each one of you in the Circus ministry as well as Carnival and racing car ministry.
Each one of you have been a part of my life for a long time.
It has been a joy to be able to attend the meetings in Sarasota in years past and also in the retreats.
Sorry that I will not be able to attend the circus meeting in January since I have classes beginning January 12th.
But the reason for this e-mail to you today is to express my deep gratitude to each one of you.
I will return to Cochabamba this coming Sunday.
Prayers and best wishes,

Macy's Parade Poster (From Henry Penndorf)

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Hi Bill,

In today's New York Daily News there was an insert devoted to tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The insert listed all the participants in the parade. The Big Apple Circus will again be among the marchers.

Grandma (Barry Lubin) will lead the Big Apple contingent on a big tricycle. Behind her/him will be two Big Apple Circus wagons, including a calliope wagon drawn by a team of Percherons.

NBC will broadcast the ‘82nd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade’ tomorrow from 9:AM-12:PM, Eastern time.

Happy Thanksgiving,


At last, the time has arrived!

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"Little kiddies jump up and down and clap their hands with glee as the caravan of double lengthed, candy striped vehicles of the Paul V. Kaye International Circus roll into town!"

Evansville Rehearsal #1 (From Jimmy Hall)

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A few shots of rehearsals, Three run throughs all
went well. Also all 3 displays of the 3 ring animal numbers went well.
A heavy show once again this year, will send run down tomorrow as I'm
sure they will trim a few things after the first show. Still having a
few glitches with my camera.
James C. Hall

Evansville Rehearsal #2

DSC03015, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Evansville Rehearsal #3

DSC03002, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Evansville Rehearsal #4

DSC03021, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Evansville Rehearsal #5

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Casey Gibbs

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Talked to Bobby Moore yesterday and he told me that Sonny had died last week at the Veterans Home in Springfield, Mo. I did not get any details, we sure have lost some great ones.


On Friday, November 14, 2008, at 12:20 am,Sonny Moore Passed away.

It was a peaceful and quiet passing, just another adventure for Sonny in his full and wonderful life.

He had a geat life, full of excitement and surprises and love, both from his animals and the women he has known.

He started out in show business at the age of 17 with a dog and pont act that he had purchased from Mrs. Curtis and Denny. A year later he also bought the Taxi Metor Mule Act, and in no time he was a very busy young man.

Then the War came along and he was drafted into the Army. He told them that the only training he had was working with dogs and ponies, so he was tansferred into the K9-corps, and a whole new adventure began.

He was paired with a beautiful German Shepherd that had been donated by a young nurse and her husband. His name was Captain and for the next three years, these two would never be separated. Cap was trained to smell out the enemy, just as a bird dog does with birds, and in this case the enemy was Japanese. Sonny and Cap served in the Phillipenes and Japan, their outfit was one of the first that went into Komoki Japan after Atom bomb, and the surrender. They met some wonderful people in Komoki and spent a few months there, before feing sent home.

Because it was the Army and rules have to be followed, Cap was sent back to the nurse that had donated him, but he was lonely for Sonny, and would not eat or drink water, so she decided that he would have to go back to his army buddy. Sonny was already back in show business, having picked up his dog act from his brother Dwight, who had been looking after his dogs, and working the act for him.

This started his career all over again, and off he went on different circus's, television, vaudeville, sportsman shows, and then an offer to travel to England to work the Bertram Mills circus, and a command performance before the Queen and the Royal Family. Prince Phillip was very intriqeued with Major the pony, and asked how old he was, and thought that it was interesting because he was quite old at the time.

After arriving home in the U.S. again, Sonny was in demand as the Dog Act that had had a command performance. He was on the Ed Sullivan show and other TV. shows that were popular at that time.

When I first Sonny he had just come out of the Army. Before he left for the Pacific, he married and had a son James. When he came back he had divorced Jim's mother, and soon met and married a lovely little girl named Pat. I lost track of him for a few years, and when I saw him in Ontario, he had been married to Jean. That is when I met him again, and in 1981 we were married for 27 years. And what wonderful years they have been. He will be missed so much by all of us here, and by his family, and my family amd many many friends in the show business world.

Happy trails to you Sonny from all of us.
Your loving wife, Pam Moore

Sonny is having a Military Funeral on Monday Dec.1st, 2008 in Springfield Mo. at the Veterans Resting Place. In lieu of Flowers, please send any memorials to the Dogs for the Blind, in San Carols Calif.

I would like to add that Sonny Moore Lived with our family for many years first in Burlington WI. and then in Fordland Mo. I always considered him my second Dad. He taught me compaction when training animals. When I was 12, Sonny taught me to train my dog act. I could go on all day talking about Sonny I just want to say I will miss him and we have lost a great animal lover/trainer. Have a safe journey Sonny.
Adam Hill

75th Hadi Shrine Circus #1 (From John Goodall)

The Hawthorne performing white tigers snarl at trainer Wade Burck during the 2007 Hadi Shrine Circus at Roberts Stadium. Hawthorne Wild Animals will be among this year's acts.

Where: Roberts Stadium, Evansville, IN

When: Showtimes 2 and 7 p.m. Thursday, 9:30 a.m., 2 and 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m Nov. 30.