Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Annie Oakley #1 (From Chic Silber)

More Annie Oakley #2

More Annie Oakley #3

More Annie Oakley #4

More Annie Oakley #5

More Annie Oakley #6

From Buckles #1

Pawnee Bill.....Buffalo Bill.

From Buckles #2

Phoebe Ann Moses (Annie Oakley)

Circus Owes $80,000 For Plaza Rental!

PAY UP; Boston Mayor, Martin J Walsh seen pressing the button raising the Big Apple Circus tent on City Hall Plaza in March, says the city will now adopt more stringent accounting practices to make sure City Hall Plaza rental fees are paid on time.

Annie Oakley #1 (From Eric Beheim)

Of the many films dealing with the life and career of Annie Oakley, one of the best is Annie Oakley, starring Barbara Stanwyck and released by RKO in 1935. Like most Hollywood bio-pics, it blends fact with fiction in order to tell a good story.

Annie Oakley #2

The story gets underway with an actual historical event: the shooting match between 15-year-old Annie and professional sharpshooter Frank Butler (Preston Foster) who, for some reason, was renamed Toby Walker for this film.
[Even though Annie (born Phoebe Ann Moses) eventually beat Butler in the 25th round, he courted and then married her the following year when she was 16. They then toured together professionally with various shows, where she used the stage name Annie Oakley.] 

Annie Oakley #3

In the film, a talent scout (Melvyn Douglas) who witnessed the match between Annie and Toby Walker/Frank Butler hires her for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. (In reality, Annie didn’t join Buffalo Bill’s show until 1885 when she was 25.) Here, Buffalo Bill (Moroni Olson) meets Annie for the first time.
[Barbara Stanwyck’s portrayal of Annie was very much in keeping with the real Annie, who was modest and retiring and not at all like the raucous character portrayed by Ethel Merman on stage and Betty Hutton on screen. She was very respectful of other people and endeared herself to Buffalo Bill and many of the performers in his show.] 

Annie Oakley #4

An unusual amount of care was taken to recreate the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show for this film. 

Annie Oakley #5

This includes the back yard area . . .

Annie Oakley #6

. . . and the front end. 

Annie Oakley #7

Out on the midway, Buffalo Bill presents two free tickets to a visiting friend (played by Andy Clyde.)

Annie Oakley #8

These tickets are personally punched by Bill, who refers to them as “Annie Oakleys” because they resemble playing cards with Annie’s bullet holes through the spots.

Annie Oakley #9

In 1935, there were still plenty of people around who had seen performances of the original Buffalo Bill Wild West Show. Perhaps this explains why the filmmakers went to considerable lengths to recreate an authentic performance on screen. While other films have included the Wild West Show in their plots, none of them gives such an extended look at what it must have been like.

Annie Oakley #10

Annie Oakley #11

Annie Oakley #12

Annie Oakley #13

Annie Oakley #14

Annie Oakley #15

Annie Oalley #16

Annie Oakley #17

Annie Oakliey #18

This extra attention also extends to the music played by Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band during the performance. Authentic show music was used including Saddleback Galop and Whip and Spur Galop (both by Thomas S. Allen) and The Red Man (by Sousa.)

                                                        (To Be Continued)

Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Circus Carl Busch #1 (Vincent Manero)

Here are a set of photos of the Circus Carl Bush which is called since this year « Deutscher Nationalcircus » or German National Circus in English. I saw the show in Darmstadt, Germany a few weeks ago. I caught the last performance in that city so a large part of the show's equipment was already on the road to the next lot.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #2

 Natascha Wille-Busch presented a fluid white Arabian Horses liberty (6 animals) including a pony that did a nice routine with large hoops.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #3

2014 Circus Carl Busch #4

2014 Circus Carl Busch #5

2014 Circus Carl Busch #6

2014 Circus Carl Busch #7

Aerial silk performed by Jamena Wille-Busch.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #8

 Manuel Frank worked a fast Camel liberty.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #9

The Tonito Clowns.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #10

"Carla" and "Maschibi" the show's Elephants were presented by Manuel Frank.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #11

2014 Circus Carl Busch #12

2014 Carl Busch Circus #13

2014 Circus Carl Busch #14

The last act was a large Horse liberty (6 Friesians and 6 Arabians) under the command of Manuel Frank.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #15

As you can see the vehicles are quite modern and efficient.

2014 Circus Carl Busch #16

2014 Circus Carl Busch #17

Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Dave Price

This was no doubt the last time Butler fiddled with this layout. As you see he used rubber cement to put the Sells & Gray title over the earlier lettering and it has discolored over the years. 

From Chic

 Here is that window card mentioned regarding the same art as the Lewis Bros. from Brad Timberlake.

For Fred Neill #1 (From Dave Price)

This Clown and Midway design must have started with Barnum & Bailey, then the combined shows, then everyone started using cheap-o copies.

For Fred Neill #2

For Fred Neill #3

More Lewis Bros. #1 (From Chic Silber)