Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! #1 (From Chic Silber)

Happy Halloween! #2

From Chic Silber #3

Wicked Emelald City TourHobby Center for the Performing Arts

Happy Halloween! #4

Happy Halloween! #5

From Kari Johnson

Anything Can Happen On Halloween.......

From Tim Tegge #1

"Elephants are "Toto", "Peggy" and "Mac".
In the background at right are Pete and Tom Hafner.
This may have been our first year in Baraboo."

From Tim Tegge #2

From Tim Tegge #3

From Tim Tegge #4

At left is Wayne "Big Man" Pilz about to take out one of the tubs.
The uncle of long time Ringling concessionaire Joey Colusa who now serves as Trainmaster on one of the units.

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #1

We had elephants in Baraboo for eight years consecutively 1981-'88 and with Big Apple nineteen years 1982-2000 so we did a lot of juggling to come up with something different for each show every year.
My favorite time in Baraboo was after Labor Day when business was slow and I could hang out at the Library.
I can almost accurately recite Bob Parkinson's admonition on how to fold and unfold route books so as not to damage the spine.

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #2

I think Jim Peterson took these pictures of Dalilah and "Toto".

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #3

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #4

I asked Shannon why we were wandering around down town and he immediately remembered that the occasion was the Ringling 100th Anniversary in 1984 and we went to the site of their first lot where a plaque had been placed.

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #5

Rick Pfening explaining how to get back to the Museum....."Turn left at Dombrosky's then down the hill, you can't miss it!"

Woodcock Elephants In Baraboo #6

This might be anther Peterson photograph.

Lockhart Elephants

From what I hear CWM will soon discontinue using elephants due to outside Political pressure.
Having said that, I will now proceed to go to the Ruskin Library and cast my ballot.
Essential that I do so to offset Jimmy Cole's vote.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From Paul Gutheil #1

Paul lives in Glen Rock, NJ right in the worst of the hurricane. I hope all is  well.
I received this Big Apple stuff from him a few days ago.

From Paul Gutheil #2

From Paul Gutheil #3

Program Cover.

From Paul Gutheil #4

From Paul Gutheil #5

Paul Gutheil Past #1

I had forgotten that one year in Finale, we had "Peggy" and "Toto" form an arch beneath which the artists passed to receive their accolades.
That's Karen and Dalilah above and Chico at right in his Al Kaida outfit.

Paul Gutheil Past #2

Paul Gutheil Past #3

Gutheil Pictures Past #4

Two of Parley Baer's friends Dickie Moore and Jane Powell dropped in and then took us out to dinner after the show.

Gutheil Pictures Past #5

From Don Covington

Paul Binder to be Guest Speaker at San Diego Convention

Monday, October 29, 2012 - San Diego, California

Paul Binder, Founder and Founding Artistic Director of Big Apple Circus will be honored at the 2013 CFA Convention in San Diego
CFA Convention Update:

The 2013 Convention Committee is proud to announce that Paul Binder will appear as the featured speaker at the 2013 CFA Convention in San Diego.

Mr. Binder will be honored at the gala banquet on Saturday evening where he will address the delegates.

Come to San Diego to hear for yourself the amazing story of how, despite incredible odds, a world class circus was created in the most competitive entertainment venue in the nation. Hard work, luck and good fortune combined to propel the venture, however, it was the charismatic leadership of one person that was the catalyst ensuring success. That man, the visionary businessman, artistic director, cheerleader, ringmaster and philosopher will join us in February. Don't miss your opportunity to rub shoulders with a legend.

Register now:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fare Thee Well!

Looks like I'll loose considerable viewership when Frankenstorm knocks out the power.
Here's wishing everyone Good Luck or as the Ring Master used to say concluding his cannon act announcement, ".....May God go with you on your perilous flight!"

From Jim Cole #1

More misc. photos from the 1960's.

Beatty-Cole cook house 1963.

From Jim Cole #2

Ringling-Barnum 1965

From Jim Cole #3

From Jim Cole #4

King Bros. Circus 1965.

From Jim Cole #5

From Jim Cole #6

Beatty-Cole Circus 1965.

From Jim Cole #7

Billy Burr's Playtime Free Circus 1965.

From Jim Cole #8

Hamid-Morton elephants 1965.

From Jim Cole #9

Polack Bros. Circus 1966

From Jim Cole #10

Kids in Spec at Columbus, Ohio Shrine Circus 1969.

From Jim Cole #11

Jeanette Rix 1969. This was her first year performing with her dad Albert.

From Chic Silber

The last 4 days of our European romp were spent in Amsterdam
I was amazed to find a tremendous carnival setup in the heart
of the city in Dam Square directly in front of the Royal Palace
I had never seen portable major rides of such dimensions
The 24 enclosed tub wheel stood at least 80' tall & the tower
of the climbing chair o plane at least 100' (no exaggeration)
An immaculate operation with tremendous dark ride & fun house
All joints were sparkling trailer mounts with hanky panks
& alibis but no flat stores in a completely massive crowd
Rides & food doing turnaway biz but not the joints
Perfect flight back across the pond to DC for 3 days
REALLY great to be back in Dixie (home sweet home)

From Don Covington

This came in overnight.
I'm not particularly interested in this type stuff but I'll run it for Chic who enjoys gadgets.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

From Dave Price

German Version!

From Bill Powell

Barnum & Bailey Circus, 1899; U.S. Library of Congress.
"Circus and the City: New York, 1793-2010" is an exhibition now showing at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery. It is, as it sounds, a big look at the development and pageantry of the circus over time through many different angles. One of those is through music.
Leon Botstein, conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra and president of Bard College, wrote about that part of the story in a catalog essay, "Circus Music in America." In it, Botstein discusses the composers behind the music of the circus, from Igor Stravinsky to Charles Ives, and the surprising influence their compositions had on modern American popular culture, from radio dramas to motion pictures to TV shows.

From Buckles

From Tim Tegge

"Barnum & Bailey elephants waiting to parade.
Brooklyn, New York- April 1911."

1911 Ringling owned elephants (From Buckles)

From Kari Johnson #1

What's more fun than dirt? Not much if you're an elephant! We have substrate delivered every few months to keep the elephants' yards fresh. They love to play in new, soft sand so we leave it in piles and the elephants spread it out.

From Kari Johnson #2

From Kari Johnson #3