Monday, February 29, 2016

From Chic

Is this Scott Riddle?

From Buckles

Yes it is!

Cast & Company

For some reason the Felds' had nothing to do with the Production of this show.
It was done by a Company from Nashville somehow connected with the Grand Ol' Opry.
Whenever the Felds' arrived, Arnold Bramow would take great delight in informing all of us how bad it was.
A real morale booster.

#1 Extra

Gary Jacobson with "Reed". "Bonnie" and "Anna May".
Rex Williams would drop "Reed" off at Circus World for us to Baby-Sit while he played dates due to  a chronic stiff front leg, he was a harmless old lump.

#2 Extra

Gary Hill exercising him while under the watchful eye of  "Clarence".

#1 Circus World

#2 Circus World

#3 Circus World

#4 Circus World

The chap at left is Kenny New, Jewel New,s nephew.

#5 Circus World

#6 Circus World

#7 Circus World

I always called this her "Fanny Fox" costume but I can't remember why?
Didn't it involve some Political Scandal?

#8 Circus World

#9 Circus World

#10 Circus World

#11 Circus World

I was scavaging around the Quarters in Venice and came up with these rag headpieces.

#12 Circus World

#13 Circus World

#14 Circus World

#15 Circus World

One morning Hoxie Bros. was showing nearby and Ted and Gary went over early to molest Bobby Cline and Leo Antwhistle while they were laying out the lot.

The ever attentive.....

.......Gary Hill!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

#1 Load out!

Anyone remember what this occasion was?

#2 Load Out

Scott Riddle

I heard recently that Scott will be be here in Florida in April.

Still More Polack!

Mack MacDonald first offered the job to Rex Williams in fact it had been so stated in Billboard.
Then one day Rex calls me saying McKlusky had squared him away and would I be interested in the Polack  job? and I said "You Bet!"
Almost immediately MacDonald calls, Damning Rex Williams To The Grave then after settling down he and my wife made a deal for me to take over.

More Polack

This is Mack MacDonald with the Besalou Elephant Act that originally opened with a Liberty Routine.
By the time he brought me over they had grown so large that most of the drill had been eliminated.
The title of the act was a combination of the show owners names, Bessie Polack and Louis Stern.

#1 Polack Bros.

#2 Polack Bros.

Medinah Temple in Chicago where we played for over a month.
"Anna May" and "Opal" doing the handshske.

#3 Polack Bros.

By the way, my wife went down to Sarasota last night to see Dolly Bros. Circus and came back all raves!

#4 Polack Bros.

With Parley Baer and Sam Ward.

#5 Polack Bros.

Parley and "Your Friendly Neighborhood Wild Man" putting the arm on the Boss!

#6 Polack Bros.

#7 Polack Bros.

#8 Polack Bros.

With Parley's daughter Dale.

#9 Polack Bros.

#10 Polack Bros.

#11 Polack Bros.

I can't remember how it came about but the show bought another elephant and I was stunned when it turned out to be only a few months old. By this time they were flying them over and they arrived in a matter of hours so my wife immediately came up with this concoction of milk, oatmeal and vitamins.
Seems like there was a pot stewing on the stove constantly.

#12 Polack Bros.

Little Guys this size were uncommon those days and everyone wanted to get her into the show so we would stop the act, the band would cut to "Pretty Baby" and Jimmy Douglas would parade her across the ring.
We had no shame!

#13 Polack Bros.

#14 Polack Bros.

#15 Polack Bros.

Taken on the day Barbara's niece Lou Roselle was married while we played San Jose.

#16 Polack Bros.

......she served as a Brides Maid.

#17 Polack Bros.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The only way.....

.....they could get me on a boat!

#1 "Kenya"

Louie Stern was incredible, one day I said in passing, "Let's buy some more elephants!" and he replied "See Ross Paul, he handles the money!"
So over the next few years I added two small elephants an Asian I named "Stella" and this African "Kenya".
At the time, I wasn't aware that any African elephants in America had ever performed in the ring,
My father always said, "Interesting to look at but what should be brains grows out into ears."

#2 "Kenya"

"Millie", "Opal" and "Anna May" with the two little guys I had added, "Stella" and "Kenya"
Off Subject, my wife wants us to take cruise some place.....I told her my last experience at sea was on a Troop Ship and I recall being quite ill!

#3 "Kenya"

Showing her off to Bert Pettus.

#4 "Kenya"

Me and Ben putting them into the act here at home.

#5 "Kenya"

#6 "Kenya"

Finally got a proper headpiece.