Saturday, April 30, 2016

From Billie Schuller

Dad had Paper back in the day, 1926! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#1 Family Pix

My wife left these pictures on my desk last night.

#2 Family Pix

The Ray Family......Leslie,  Lalea and Ruben Ray.....
.....and in front those Five Rays Of Sunshine.....Lolly, Billie, Barbara, Hope and Peggy.

#3 Family Pix

#4 Family Pix

Barbara's brother Leslie.

#5 Family Pix

Barbara and her father on Russell Bros. Circus.

#6 Family Pix

Billie and Barbara with their Father on Dailey Bros. Circus.

#7 Family Pix!

.....this Show Biz is All Right!

#8 Family Pix

.....another Blessed Event while in Mexico!

#9 Family Pix

Shannon reunited with his sisters Tammy and Barbara.

#10 Family Pix

Grammie Doris with Jamie and Kay.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#1 Hot Springs

#2 Hot Springs

#3 Hot Springs

#4 Hot Springs

Marion Matthews, Duane Bowman, Bill Woodcock and Shannon Montgomery.
Coach wanted us to remove our helmets but we insisted we looked more fierce with them on.

#5 Hot Springs

They held Class reunions over the years but they all came at a time we were on the road.
Somebody sent me this symbol from one of the gatherings.

#6 Hot Springs

Years Later!

Taken by the elephant Barn in Hugo, my two best friends from different worlds, Jimmy Rossi and Duane.

Last Meeting!

This Polack Bros. picture was taken in the mid-60's in LA where both Jimmy and Duane lived at the time.
I tried to call Duane a couple of months ago but no number listed.

#1 More Parley Baer

Medinah Temple.
Parley, "Stella", Barbara and Sam Ward.

#2 More Parley Baer

This was at the Milwaukee Parade.
Ernie, Parley, Barbara and Paul.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Parley Baer

Sam Ward was in charge of all Promotion with Polack Bros. Circus and Parley handled the Publicity.
Barbara and I enjoyed many an afternoon at Parley and Earnestine's home in Tarzana.
He told one story about filming "The Young Lions" in Paris while they were having Breakfast at the Hotel before going out on Location.
An actress in the Cast leaped up from the table to greet an old friend and dumped a pot of scalding water into Marlon Brando's lap whereupon he leaped up, jerked down his trousers and shorts, grabbed a Seltzer Bottle and began spraying his crotch.
Parley said Dean Martin leaned over and said, "Let's all act like we don't know him!"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

From Chic

This is Barbara and "Opal" from the cover of Parley Baer's Polack Bros. program.

#1 Late 50's

#2 Late 50's

Hugo Schmitt and "Targa".
After folding under canvas in 1956, Madison Sq. and Boston Gardens remained in tact but until the Show managed to assemble an indoor route they played anywhere they could as seen here.

#3 Late 50's

#4 Late 50's

Ethyl Jennier.

#5 Late 50's

1959 "Zing Zang Zoom!"

#6 Late 50's

"Elephant A Go Go!"
Axel Gautier.

#7 Late 50's RB

#8 Late 50's RB


#9 Late 50's RB


#10 Late 50's RB

#11Late 50's RB

#12 Late 50's RB

Saturday, April 23, 2016

#1 Carson & Barnes

#2 Carson & Barnes

#3 Carson & Barnes

Most of these pictures were taken by Gary Jacobson who was visiting the show that day.

#4 Carson & Barnes

#5 Carson & Barnes