Friday, October 30, 2015

To Patricia

Dailey Bros. #1

Dailey Bros. #2

Dailey Bros. #3

Norma Davenport.

Dailey Bros. #4

Dailey Bros. #5

Dailey Bros. #6

Dailey Bros. #7

Dailey Bros. #8

John "Sweet Pea" Lehew working the future "King Tusk".

Dailey Bros. #9

"Nemo" with Raymond "Dog Red" Frivogel.

Dailey Bros. #10

Milt Robbins.

Dailey Bros. #11

Donna Pyle, Tony Martin and Barbara Ray.

Dailey Bros. #12

Freddy Fredricks and "Lip Stick".

Dailey Bros. #13

Barbara says Rex always "played the duck" on cameras in those days as did many others.

Dailey Bros. #14

Joe Horvath.

Dailey Bros. #15

Barbara and sister Hope posing in front of a wagon bearing the name "Autry" in big letters and the first name "Doug" in much smaller ones.

Dailey Bros. #16

Dailey Bros. #17

Dailey Bros. #18

I remember it was quite a thing to have an elephant herd that rivaled the Ringling Show.
We were with Garden Bros. Circus in Canada that year, my father working Dolly Jacobs elephants "Modoc", "Empress" and "Judy" and at one point we visited the Dailey Show playing nearby in Northern New York.
Looking at the herd I noticed the name on the breast strap of one big elephant and said to the attendant, "Gee! That "Jap" sure looks Old!" and he snapped, "Punk! If you was as old as she is you'd look pretty bad too!.....and someone said, "Shut Up Smokey, that's Bill Woodcock's son!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Handshakes #1

More Handshakes #2

More Handshakes #3

Sparks Winter Quarters, Louie Reed in the background.
This looks a little risky, pacing off the tubs you always get the same distance.

Big Apple #1

Big Apple #2

My father called this trick the "Handshake" and always had it in our act saying, "When the elephants grow up you can put a lady up there" and he was right.

Big Apple #3

Big Apple #4

Big Apple #5

Dalilah and "Toto".

Big Apple #6

Big Apple #7

Big Apple #8

Bib Apple #9

Big Apple #10