Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Doors at 8:00.  Bring your own table food.  Dress to the nines and walk down the red carpet like the stars that you are.

"Too much excitement, in all likelihood I will be on my couch watching Alabama #2 (12-1) vs Michigan State #3 (12-1)."

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#1 Circus Execs

Kenneth flew down to Mexico in 1973 on a tip from Victor Gaona and after shaking hands on a deal to take over the elephant herd in Venice from Hugo Schmitt bound for the new Circus World Park he said, "You're the the second person I've ever hired, the first was an act that my father despised....I hope you turn out better!"

#2 Circus Execs

#3 Circus Execs

#4 Circus Execs

#5 Circus Execs

#6 Circus Execs

#7 Circus Execs

#8 Circus Execs

#9 Circus Execs

#10 Circus Execs


Pretty boring subject this morning.....thought I'd liven things up a little.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#1 Baraboo

#2 Baraboo

#3 Baraboo

#4 Baraboo

#5 Baraboo

#6 Baraboo

My Father's only visit to CWM was just prior to his death in 1963, we pulled around back to the designated area and started to unload the elephants when this blustery gentleman comes up and demands, "Who in Hell do people think you are? You can't come in here and take over like you own the place!" and my father said to me, let's go!"
We were about five miles down the Interstate when this car passes us, horn blaring and motioning for us to pull over. It was John Herriott (still in his performance tuxedo) and Chappie profusely apologizing and explaining who Wilbur Deppe was.
So we returned and my Father got to spend the rest of the afternoon in the Museum Library with Bob Parkinson.
Meanwhile Johnny introduced me to another stellar Baraboo citizen named Dombrosky.

#7 Baraboo

Two men out standing in their field!

#8 Baraboo

Bill Schultz.

#9 Baraboo

Dalilah and "Toto".

#10 Baraboo

#11 Baraboo

#12 Baraboo

"Mack", "Toto" and "Peggy".

#13 Baraboo

Baraboobians All!
Except for the group standing to the left of Down Town Frankie Braun.

#14 Baraboo

Monday, December 28, 2015

#1 Dailey Bros.

#2 Dailey Bros.

Ben and Norma Davenport.
I might add that a lot of people thought that Ben Williams was named after Mr. Davenport but in fact was named after Rex's older brother who was on the Dailey Show for a while working on Baggage Stock.

#3 Dailey Bros.

Eva Davenport.

#4 Dailey Bros.

#5 Dailey Bros.

Ben Davenport lifting "Baby Butch" (named after show's Legal Adjuster Butch Cohen) but with considerable assistance, Barbara said her right leg had to be cropped out of the picture to eliminate Rex and Smokey's hands.

#6 Dailey Bros.

Rex Williams actually lifting her.

#7 Dailey Bros.

Barbara and Aunt Hope posing in front of a wagon emblazoned with the name "Autry" preceded by a tiny "Doug".

#8 Dailey Bros.

#9 Dailey Bros.

My Father and Mother in law Ruben and Lottie Ray.

#10 Dailey Bros.

#11 Dailey Bros.

Donna Pyle, Tony Martin and Barbara Ray.
Some of you may recall that Ms Martin later became Mrs. Arky Scott.

#12 Dailey Bros.

Nifty looking headpieces.


Costume look familiar?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#1 Allan Hill

#2 Allan Hill

#3 Allan Hill

#4 Allan Hill

"Hoxie" and Joe Frisco.

#5 Allan Hill

Christine Herriott

#6 Allan Hill

#7 Allan Hill

#8 Allan Hill

#9 Allan Hill

#10 Allan Hill

John Herriott 1970.

#11 Allan Hill

Can't remember year but  I got an emergency call from Allan Hill while we were up in Baraboo saying he desperately needed an elephant man so I sent James "Chico" Williams as seen above shortly after arrival.