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From Army Maguire #1

Mabel Hall and "Charlie"

From Army Maguire #2

No idea who these people might be.
The elephant must be laying down for the picture, wouldn't need a lockhart hook otherwise.

From Army Maguire #3

TRV2_174 by bucklesw1
TRV2_174, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

The Christy Bros. Circus elephants in the late 1920's under the direction of Vernon "Slim" Walker.

From Army Maguire #4

From Army Maguire #5

This picture was taken at the Michigan State Fair in 1953.
The gentleman with "Lydia" is Circus Historian Myron W. Organ from Wilmimngton, Ohio.


From Buckles

1555094877_a353ee816d by bucklesw1
1555094877_a353ee816d, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Another shot from the 1953 Michigan State Fair.
Bill Woodcock, Slivers and Jo Madison, Jean and Terrell Jacobs.
Slivers had the Tom Packs elephants in a show out on the midway however this picture was taken in the grandstand infield where ours and tthe Lion King's elephant "Jean" were presented.

Hatari #15 (From Eric Beheim)

Hatari-15 by bucklesw1
Hatari-15, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Helping to relieve some of the tension is a comedy chase involved some escaped ostriches back at the compound.

Hatari #16

Hatari-16 by bucklesw1
Hatari-16, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

While Red Buttons engages in some unspecified action, Hardy Kruger and John Wayne prepare to extract a thorn from this small antelope.

Hatari #17

Hatari-17 by bucklesw1
Hatari-17, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Elsa takes time out to hose down her two stepchildren. (Ava Gardner had a somewhat similar scene in MOGAMBO.)

Hatari #18

Hatari-18 by bucklesw1
Hatari-18, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Elsa takes time out to hose down her two stepchildren. (Ava Gardner had a somewhat similar scene in MOGAMBO.)

Hatari #19

Hatari-19 by bucklesw1
Hatari-19, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Before too long, a third elephant calf has joined Elsa’s “family.” As she leads them to a nearby water hole for a bath, the incidental music heard on the soundtrack is Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk” which later became an international hit. (The three little elephants along with some additional animals and their trainer Jan Oelofse, were later flown to Hollywood on board a DC6 to film additional scenes. I believe that one of the calves eventually ended up in the San Diego Zoo, while another one went to the Dubbo Zoo in Australia.)

Hatari #20

Hatari-20 by bucklesw1
Hatari-20, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

HATARI’s big finale involved the capture of a rhino. (The attempted rhino capture, which opens the film has to be cut short when a rhino “horns” Little Wolf, the character played by Bruce Cabot.)

Hatari #21

Hatari-21 by bucklesw1
Hatari-21, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Although the rhino appears to be securely tied, it escapes and must be recaptured. (During filming, the rhino actually did escape and the actors really did have to recapture it. Howard Hawks left this sequence in the film because of its realism.)

Hatari #22

Hatari-22 by bucklesw1
Hatari-22, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

With the rhino now safely trussed up, it only remains to transfer it to a shipping crate. The “rhino jinx” has been broken.

At the time production began in Africa, there was no finished script, since director Hawks want to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that might present themselves while on location. Released in 1962, HATARI was big hit and earned back many times its 6 million dollar budget. It is now available on DVD, so if you missed it in 1962, you can watch it now.


Friday, March 30, 2012

To Wade Burck

SAVE0477 by bucklesw1
SAVE0477, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

You're right, I've hand raised a few of these little guys, feeding on a 24 hour scheduele. The worst thing was to having to stop while enroute and wait while Barbara heated up the formuila, consisting of secret herbs and and spices, feed thd then press on.
I once asked Smokey how long it will take until she starts eating hay and he said, "As long as you continue to make that stuff she will accommodate you."

Better Late Than Never!

IMG_0543 by bucklesw1
IMG_0543, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Hello Mr Woodcock,

I survived my stay in the Lone Star State and had a great visit on the Kelly Miller Circus. Many
very good Animal acts and a very nice "Pirates" display. It's always a great pleasure to visit such friendly people.

On the picture from the L to the R : Mike and Carolyn Rice (Camels Zebra / dogs), Ryan Easley (Tigers), Armando Loyal
"The Flash" (Elephants), me and Mr Gary Hill.

All the Best.


Blog Projector (From Eric Beheim)

Blog%20Projector by bucklesw1
Blog%20Projector, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Ok, gang. It’s time to roll out the blog projector and have another movie. This time, it’s an animal film made on location in East Africa over 50 years ago: HATARI (which is Swahili for “Danger.”) The plot centers around an African game ranch that captures animals for zoos BTD (before tranquilizer darts.) Exterior location filming took place in Tanganyika (which is now part of Tanzania.)

Hatari #1

Hatari-1 by bucklesw1
Hatari-1, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Produced and director by Howard Hawks, HATARI stars John Wayne. Here Wayne and Valentin de Vargas (right) survey the veldt in search of names that are on their list of animals to be captured. (Some of the filming took place in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area located on the floor of a huge, collapsed volcano.)

Hatari #2

Hatari-2 by bucklesw1
Hatari-2, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Strapped to a seat mounted on the hood of one of the safari trucks, John Wayne is ready for action. It was originally planned that HATARI would star both Clark Gable and John Wayne. (Earlier, Gable had played a very similar role in MOGAMBO.) However Gable’s asking price was too high and, in any case, he died before HATARI went into production.)

Hatari #3

Hatari-3 by bucklesw1
Hatari-3, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Many of the animal captures shown in HATARI involve high-speed chases, with the animals being snared or lassoed while on the run. According to Howard Hawks, all the animal captures shown on screen were performed by the actual actors. Cinematography was by Russell Harlan who won an Academy Award nomination for his work. The filming was done under very dangerous conditions, with animals destroying three cameras while on location. Today, all of this action would probably be done using computers.

Hatari #4

Hatari-4 by bucklesw1
Hatari-4, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

There can be little doubt that Valentin de Vargas, John Wayne and Hardy Kruger are the ones restraining this giraffe.

Hatari #5

Hatari-5 by bucklesw1
Hatari-5, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

In a lighter moment, Michele Girardon and popular French actor Gerard Blair give a hyena a bath. (Gerard Blair was hired to help boost the film’s box office appeal in Europe.)

Hatari #6

Hatari-6 by bucklesw1
Hatari-6, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

John Wayne has his hands full dealing with a hyper-active zebra. (The audio for many of the action sequences had to be re-dubbed because of John Wayne’s cursing while wrestling with the animals.)

Hatari #7

Hatari-7 by bucklesw1
Hatari-7, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Keeping clear of its hooves and teeth, Valentin de Vargas and Hardy Kruger succeed in loading the zebra into its shipping crate.

Hatari #8

Hatari-8 by bucklesw1
Hatari-8, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

When an orphan elephant calf is encountered in the bush, Elsa Martinelli volunteers to become its foster mother. (It is alleged that Howard Hawks personally bought Elsa’s safari outfits at a New York department store.)

Hatari #9

Hatari-9 by bucklesw1
Hatari-9, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Elsa Martinelli, assisted by Gerard Blair, Valentin de Vargas, Hardy Kruger and Michele Girardon attempt to feed the little calf using a hollow piece of bamboo.

Hatari #10

Hatari-10 by bucklesw1
Hatari-10, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Getting back to serious business, Hardy Kruger and John Wayne scope out a distant herd of water buffalo.

Hatari #11

Hatari-11 by bucklesw1
Hatari-11, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

While attempting to capture the more dangerous animals, John Wayne remained safely inside the back of the truck. (During this particular sequence, the buffalo can be seen ramming the side of the truck with its head.)

Hatari #12

Hatari-12 by bucklesw1
Hatari-12, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Once the buffalo is roped, the next step is to snub it tightly up against the side of the truck.

Hatari #13

Hatari-13 by bucklesw1
Hatari-13, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Here, Hardy Kruger places his fate in the strength of the ropes (and his co-stars).

Hatari #14

Hatari-14 by bucklesw1
Hatari-14, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

While Gerard Blair stands by with a rife, the crew attempts to load the buffalo into a shipping crate.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eroni's Circus #1 (From Robert Perry)

head%20trapeze by bucklesw1
head%20trapeze, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Hi Buckles
some nice photos of Eroni,s circus Australia newest Circus
Owned by Cathy & Tony Maynard daughter Kelly & son Joe
Tony has had a life time in the circus & a very smart young Man
the whole show is looking great they are showing around Melbourne at the
Robert Perry

Eroni's Circus #2

viv%20lyra by bucklesw1
viv%20lyra, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Eroni's Circus #3

cloudswing by bucklesw1
cloudswing, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Eroni's Circus #4

Allison%20web by bucklesw1
Allison%20web, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Eroni's Circus #5

ropes by bucklesw1
ropes, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Eroni's Circus #6

palomino by bucklesw1
palomino, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Eroni's Circus #7

nevada by bucklesw1
nevada, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Barnum & Bailey In Europe (From Henry Schroer)

Hi Buckles,

Just got this book about Circus Trains in Germany from 1900 until 2000 and saw some interesting pictures

of Barnum and Bailey in there that may interest you and the readers of your blog. It says in the book that

Barnum & Bailey arrived in England in December 1897 and went to Germany in April 1900. The opened in Hamburg on April 15. 1900

until 15. May and went on until the 10th of November. From the 25th of November until the 24th of February 1901 the played in

Vienna and from the 25th of February until the the 6th of April the had a Winter pause in Vienna. After that the played some more towns in Austria and went on

to Hungary from there and then went back to Germany until the 30.August 1901 where the closed in a town named Leer which is close to Hamburg.

We used to say : In Leer it s always Leer because the business there was never any good and Leer means empty in German. It is a very small town and for me hard to understand

why the would play a town like that. After that the went on to Holland and Belgium and in 1902 the toured France and Switzerland. On the end of October 1902 they went back to the US.

There is one picture of a train car been unloaded from the ship and it says in the book that they had 7 Coaches, 22 tunnel and 35 flatcars. But I don’t think the did all there research right

because it also says that Hugo Smith worked with 55 Elephants in the ring in 1920. But the news paper clipping said that even do that the entrance price where very high the attendance was very good

but the seating in the Tent was not vey comfortable. Then there was a article of the Munich News Paper about the advertising car that was parked in the train yards and the talked about it unusual

size, specially the length because it was unusually for Germany and that it sleeps 20 man and has a big boiler in the back to cook the glue for the posters. Would have been a nice smell in the car,

talking about the good old days!!!!. The car was 58 ‘ long, 7’ wide and 9’ high and had two 4 axle bogeys. In a town like Munich the hang 10.000 posters and hangers in about a weeks time.

Starting at 6 am with a short breakfast in a Guesthouse and finishing at 6 Pm for the day. Talking about the good old days!!!!

All the best

Henry Schroer

Barnum & Bailey In Europe #2

Aqua Circus #1 (From Michael Newton-Brown)

IMG_0595 by bucklesw1
IMG_0595, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

We went to the Sunday 5 PM show of the Cirque Italia's "Aquatic" doing a
fundraiser for Venice Circus Arts Foundation to help save the old Venice Circus Arena.

I've included a few photos. The entire ring cover could be raised up to expose a pool surrounding a
center circular platform. There were fountains, and rain coming from the circular edge of the raised

There was no program, so I have not idea who was performing.
All of the acts were strong, especially the high wire, and the closing strength / balancing
by two guys.

The lady in the high wire act also sang. Both went up the inclined guy wire to the rigging.
At one point she was the understander on the wire, and he descended the guy wire with her
standing on his shoulders singing. I've never seen that before.

The crowd filled about 95% of the beautiful new top, and they were very enthusiastic,
with a couple of standing ovations.

Michael Newton-Brown

Aqua Circus #2

IMG_0592 by bucklesw1
IMG_0592, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Aqua Circus #3

IMG_0585 by bucklesw1
IMG_0585, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Aqua Circus #4

IMG_0584 by bucklesw1
IMG_0584, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

From David Reddy

jjjones5 by bucklesw1
jjjones5, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Your Help Needed Now on H 2 B Visa

I am sending this to as many circus & carnival fans as I can. Outdoor Amusement Business Assn. needs your help in contacting your U. S. House of Representative members & your U. S. Senators immediately about legislation intended to temper or stop the Department of Labor's rule that could make the use of foreign labor next to impossible. Please go to the following website: & @ the top click the message board category & then when the page comes up; click Amusement Industry Discussion & scan down to the topic of URGENT REQUEST FROM YOUR OABA & then read carefully. Please do what is requested of you as this is important for the major circuses, carnivals, as well as tourist resorts, amusement parks & the fishing industry in the Gulf in the U. S.

Thanks for helping,

David Reddy

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Erik Jaeger #1

Bailey%20Bros_%201948 by bucklesw1
Bailey%20Bros_%201948, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Friend Buckles,
Hope this finds you and Barbara in good health and high spirits, and the rest of the family doing well. I remembered reading that your Dad worked the Bailey Bros herd, and thought you might enjoy this photo. I received it as a gift earlier this week. The inscription at the bottom left hand corner reads: To Showmen's Assn. From Paul Thomas 1948. On the back of the photo is noted El Monte, California 1948. I do not know if Paul Thomas was the photographer. The photo is a treat for me to have, as I remember throwing hay to three of the four girls pictured here, when Oscar Cristiani wintered them at Jon Tarzan Zerbini's place on Packinghouse Road in Sarasota many years ago. I also helped Carin with the walking long mount on the Hanneford show, when her and Philip would be topside.

I will be sending you a few photos of the Clyde Beatty railroad show that I was also privileged to receive. A big thank you to yourself, Shannon and all contributors for sharing so many wonderful photographs and historical tidbits.

From Erik Jaeger #2

Pole%20Wagon by bucklesw1
Pole%20Wagon, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

As a follow up on the Bailey Bros elephant photo, I will travel to Iola, Kansas this week to see what I can learn of their 1947 visit to Riverside Park. I have heard the show scored some heat on occasion.

Clyde Beatty Circus - - Pole wagon coming down runs

From Erik Jaeger #3

String%20of%20Flats by bucklesw1
String%20of%20Flats, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Clyde Beatty Circus - - String of loaded flats

From Erik Jaeger #4

Big%20Top%20Crew by bucklesw1
Big%20Top%20Crew, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Clyde Beatty Circus - - Workingmen hitching a ride on the pole wagon (back of the photo reads Rhinelander, Wisconsin 1953, which according to my route sheet would have been on August 5th).

From Erik Jaeger #5

Herd by bucklesw1
Herd, a photo by bucklesw1 on Flickr.

Clyde Beatty Circus - - Elephants headed to lot
I would date these somewhere between 1949 and 1951, as they are travelling the former Sparks wagons and still utilizing pullover teams. The Wabash Railroad appears to be the carrier, which primarily ran through the states of Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.