Thursday, October 31, 2013


Shannon here:

I will try to keep up with allowing the comments to flow to the Blog. Keep them coming.

UPDATE: Dad went thru a series a tests today and is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow(Nov 1st).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh No it's Gall Bladder issues!!! Sorry all....Buckles Blog is down until he returns. 

From Rob Houston

Hi Buckles,
As far as I know this working man had been touring with the King Bros. Circus in the mid 1950's when he was injured.
Can you tell me anything about him or the item that is lodged in his jaw?
As far as I can tell it's some kind of pronged or hooked U-shaped tool for retrieving  or grasping feed trays from the wild animal cages. What do you think?


Beatty-Cole #1 (From Buckles)

To compliment Rob,s incredible picture I went thru my Beatty-Cole file and came up with these photos but but I'm embarrassed to say I neglected to note the source.
Quite possibly from Jimmy Cole.

Beatty-Cole #2

Beatty-Cole #3

Beatty-Cole #4

Beatty-Cole #5

Beatty-Cole #6

Beatty-Cole #7

Beatty-Cole #8

Beatty-Cole #9

Beatty-Cole #10

Beatty-Cole #11

Beatty-Cole #12

Monday, October 28, 2013

Flash from Ellenton!

Singing Ringmistress competition growing intense!

MSG #1 (From Chic Silber)

The $1 billion renovation of Madison Square Garden was unveiled Thursday, and there is much to admire about it, from the shiny lobby with its innovative 600 foot ceiling video screens to the steel & concrete bridges built high over the playing surface.

But the reality is that even before the last seat was put in place, the Garden had received an eviction notice.
In July, the New York City Council voted, 47-1, to let the Garden operate where it is for 10 more years, in hopes that plans will be developed to build a new Pennsylvania Station that doesn’t feel like a dungeon. The Garden, understandably, wanted to stay forever.

MSG #2

MSG #3

MSG #4

MSG #5

MSG #6

MSG #7

Early construction shot of the garden........

MSG #8 resumes following the discovery the original blueprints had been printed sideways.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kelly Miller #1

Circus Historian, Chalmer Condon and D.R. Miller.

Kelly Miller #2

Karen Kay Miller.

Kelly-Miller #3

Romig-Rooney Troupe 1948.

Kelly Miller #4

Tillie Keys.

Kelly Miller #5

I remember my buddy Jimmy Rossi telling me that Buzzy Potts was on the show one season in the late 40's following a dispute with the Ringling Show.
Jimmy said he complained all the time and I can imagine Mr. Potts later saying, "Can you believe it! They had me leading this fucking llama in spec!"

Kelly Miller #6

Babe Woodcock and "Anna May".

Photo by Tommy Randolph.

Kelly Miller #7

Evalina Rossi.

Kelly Miller #8

My Dad joined the show late in 1949 and the following winter a number of  elephant guys came up to Hugo from the Dailey Show that was on it's last legs, Smokey, Hungry, Narrow-Gague and Rex Williams younger brother George.
This is George working "Dixie" on the Kelly Miller lot that season.

Kelly Miller #9

A visit from former Dailey Show alumnus Aruhmi Singh.
"Anna May" and "Barbara" in the background.

Kelly Miller #10

Whitey and Mary Thorn presenting "Tena", "Margaret" and "Elsie" assisted by George Williams.
At the close of the season George came to my dad saying he had applied to join the Air Force and needed a recommendation as his employer.
I never saw him again but often asked Rex how he was doing.
Last I heard he had made a career of the Military and retired.

To Bob Cline #1

To Bob Cline #2

"Juno" is about to be loaded in this open-top straight job for her trip to Mexico.

Dutch Givler- Ran the cook house in winter quarters and served as chef in the pie car on the road.
Fred Logan
Red Compton
Maurice Marmelejo
Camel Dutch Narfski
and a member of the Fuentes family somewhat unconcerned.