Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From Dave Price

When the 100th anniversary of the Ringling show was celebrated, the advertising got Otto and Charles mixed up. Those two portraits at the left are mislabeled.  

From Chic Silber

 How about the boys 1st time in NY.

Boys From Baraboo #1 (From Buckles)

Boys From Baraboo #2

Boys From Baraboo #3

Boys From Baraboo #4

Boys From Baraboo #5

Boys From Baraboo #6

Outstanding picture, I marvel at how these well dressed gentlemen would scramble up on top of a railroad car to get a better view.
If you could go back in time and tell them, "One hundred years from now the show will get rid of these things!.....I wonder what their response would be?

Boys From Baraboo #7

Long time Ringling Elephant Supt. George Denman.

"Big Jennie"

George Denman

Boys From Baraboo #8

Boys From Baraboo #9

Boys From Baraboo #10

Boys From Baraboo #11

Boys From Baraboo #12

Boys From Baraboo #13

Boys From Baraboo #14

A notation states that this was taken at the White House.

Boys From Baraboo #15


From Tony Greiner

To do this trick, do the elephants link trunks and then rear back, or do they link after getting on their hind legs?
If after they get on their hind legs, how does the human get on with any dignity?

Monday, March 30, 2015

From Buckles

The elephant's head used in Chic's balancing chair picture is "Josky" as seen above in 1957.

From Chic Silber

From Paul Gutheil #1

Another Al Vidbel photo.

From Paul Gutheil #2

40's Pix #1 (From Buckles)

Miss Bogart aboard "Sudan".
Fred Logan once told me her father owned a Funeral Parlor in Brooklyn.

40's Pix #2

Fred C. Logan.

40's Pix #3

Dolly Copeland and Mary Jane Miller.

40's Pix #4

40's Pix #5

Harry Dann and Dolly Copeland.

40's Pix #6

40's Pix #7

40's Pix #8

"Big Modoc"

"Big Modoc"

From Chic Silber #1

From Chic Silber #2

Sunday, March 29, 2015

From Chic Silber #1

 How about 2 more "For The Ladies"

From Chic Silber #2

Chico made the front page this morning!

For the ladies! #1

Today's topic is on animal props so I decided to add these first few glamour photos for the lady viewers so they can continue on with their normal routines without being bored.

For the ladies! #2

Animal Props #1

This is Adele Nelson and Louie Reed with "Myrtle", "Tillie" and "Jenny" recently mentioned as being purchased by Ben Davenport for his Dailey Bros. Circus in 1942 and eventually the first elephants Barbara worked with.
But more importantly, the tubs Rex and Smokey had to polish.

Animal Props #2

Adele Nelson in flight.
The elephant would mount the teeter-board, walk forward past it's apex, tipping it forward, then take one large step back vaulting Miss Nelson into flight.
I was always curious as to how the prop was transported from town to town.

Animal Props #3

Animal Props #4

Christian Zeitz with the prolific "Alice" and "Snyder" who would later provide the Sells-Floto Circus with several calves.
Notice the hand loop on Snyder's tub.

Animal Props #5

"Alice" and "Snyder" some time later, looks like the same tubs.

Animal Props #6

Animal Props #7

Another wooden tub in the Hagenbeck Zoo.

Animal Props #8

This is Louie Reed at the Sparks Quarters in Macon with what appears to be early metal bull tubs. They look pretty sturdy.

Animal Props #9

Great picture of a dinner table routine.
How well I remember the countless hours I stood in boredom while my father taught elephants to replace the bell on the table without tipping it over but it sure came in handy later.
He told me he had once seen this number done with a chimp as the waiter, dressed in a tuxedo.
I don't quite understand what part the dogs are playing here.

Animal Props #10

This is more like it.
Chic isn't that spindle composed of a couple of tire rims!
My kind of handiwork.