Monday, April 09, 2007

From B.J.

I saw some messages on the historical message board lately that were in regard to an elephant called Babe. Had this photo, so thought I would send it to you.

"For reasons unknown to me, "Babe" has always been a popular name among elephants. This is "Gentry Babe" who was imported in 1900 from the HagenbeckZoo for Gentry Bros. Circus and sue remained with the Gentry Family thru 1914.
The picture above was taken when she was owned by Gene Holter 1955-67."

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Bob Cline said...

Since I don't recognize the gentleman in the picture, I'm guessing this was Gentry Babe who finished her long career out with Gene Holter and his Hollywood Animal Actors.

Bob Cline said...

Sorry about that Buckles. I should have slowed down a little this morning and let you finish first.

Anonymous said...

The gentleman in the pricture with Babe is Ray Chandler. He also did all the truck painting for Gene.