Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From Pat Jordan

This poiniant picture shows Oscar Jordan bidding farewell to Jack, Ann and Nellie as he leaves for a season with the circus.
Possibly this is a coach from the 1934 Hagenbeck-Wallace train Pat previously mentioned.

Not sure how long Picasa will cooperate, I will just send out a few of the random pictures recently received and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind acting as a go-between for a minute --Poles2engine has comments disabled today, and I wanted to tell Jim if he's looking for Chappie's books, they list about 400 used copies at -- and Thanks! Chappie must have been quite a guy, wonderful number of titles by him or featuring his pictures.

Anonymous said...

buckles, it's spelled "poignant". Get with it!

Buckles said...

Hi Beth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it IS spelled "poignant" in my original message. I also used the term "goodbye" rather than the hyperbolic "farewell." Some things get lost in translation.