Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From Eric Beheim

The "Boomer"


Anonymous said...

Boom Boom Browning. He used to play the Omaha Shrine dates for Gracie McIntosh (sp?).

Jimmy Douglas was the ringmaster.

Anonymous said...

William R. Browning, Jr. was quite a guy. Boom was out of Taylor, Texas, and used to laugh that he got kicked out of college for arguing with his percussion professor. He played on at least five Merle Evans albums. He was bandmaster on Beatty-Cole, where I met him, from 1960-1965, I believe. In '64, he led the band, blew the whistle, and announced. There was no formal Ringmaster that year. He had a lucrative stint as a representative for Slingerland Drums, but always returned to the circus.