Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To Ruby Harris

Talk about voices from the grave, names I havn't heard in years. You know Wanda was at Barbara and my wedding down in Paris (Texas that is), Chuck Fuller took our wedding pictures.
Frank Ellis, Mike Moore, Hank Hoover, Jack Fullbright, where has the time gone?
This is Jack Moore and Richard Shipley (don't recognize the man at right) on the Carson & Barnes lot at Delphi, Indiana in 1959.

To the uninformed Jack Moore first called his show the Tex Carson Circus and leased his first elephant from D.R. Miller in 1954 "Mabel". By the time this picture was taken he had four, "Mabel", "Josky", "Jenny" and "Suzie" and a new name "Carson & Barnes". To what extent D.R. was involved with this show is unknown.
By 1969 Mr. Moore had passed away and D.R. made a settlement with his widow Angela and thru a complicated set of circumstances took the Carson & Barnes title and placed it on his show which it remains until this day.
The Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. title remained dormant for the next 15 years until it was revived by David Rawls in an abbreviated form "Kelly Miller Circus".


B.E.Trumble said...

Carson & Barnes begins celebrating its 70th Anniversary in a couple weeks by counting backward to the '37 Miller show rather than sticking strictly to the age of the title. Still, at least it's an honest linear anniversary -- worthy of distinction -- unlike Cole Bros trying to count backwards to Chilly Billy. (Math is hard, as Barbi said.) Of course April 26 or 27 will mark the 100th Anniversary of the Hagenbeck-Wallace title, which no doubt will be celebrated while painting a new back drop for Mickey Mouse on Skates.

Anonymous said...

Jim, from St Louis. Do you know KEVIN PATTON from the ZOO. His web site is The Lion Den. com. He once worked with Flora on the Circus Flora. He lives down the lane from Balwin in Welden Spring MO. He is another Circus Nut. He is a teacher at one of the colleges here. I don't know where I meet so many intelligent men as I never went to High School.

Anonymous said...

The stock certificates issued for the Carson & Barnes Circus Company that were dated January 2, 1959 note: Jack Moore - 4 shares, D.R. Miller - 4 shares, Angela Moore - 1 share (which was sold to D.R. on January 11/1971), and Isla Miller -1 share. There were only 10 shares issued and these were the owners.