Monday, September 05, 2005

"Black Diamond" #2

My dad gets credit for adding the word "Black" to Diamond's name. At this time owing to his increasing size he didn't do many tricks so to fill out the act my dad would make a speech to the audience introducing his as "Black Diamond" a name he had picked up from a Saturday Evening Post adventure.


GaryHill said...

Buckles, I live about 40 minutes from Corsicana, Tx and have seen "Black Diamond"'s head mount at Watkins Corp. He was one big boy! Do you have any pictures of him and Tusko together? Thanks, Gary

Anonymous said...

Black Diamond's head looks different from most elephants as he got older or is this my mind playing tricks again.

Anonymous said...

I think their double-domed foreheads actually grow bigger as male elephants mature into their 30's and 40's.
BTW As notorius as Black Diamond
is rembered.Did he only actually kill 2 people?
Ben Sweet his old handler in Texas
and Mrs Donahoe in Corsicana Texas.
There have been more elephants that killed more people who have been forgotten about over the years.
I think Black Diamond is rembered
because Mrs. Donahoe was a important perosn in the community and it happened in front of a large crowd and Black Diamond
was such a magnificnt specimen.

Buckles said...

I'm not familiar with the Ben Sweet incident but he was a pretty tough customer. My dad said he never had much trouble with him since he walked from town to town with the Atterbury Show and was more interested in finding a nice place to lie down take a nap after a 25 mile hike.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the elephant TINA who was on Kelly Miller? She was the only elephant that I was intimidated by. I guess because I saw her take after Gene Garner once. And he was the kindest sole aound animals.

Anonymous said...

I think Ben Sweet and Ben Reed
were the same person.