Monday, September 05, 2005

"Black Diamond" #1

This picture has been mislabeled, it should say "Barton & Bailey".
This is a 5-act leased to the show in 1915 from the Wm. P. Hall farm in Lancaster, Mo. This same herd was later with Richard Ringling's R.T Richards Circus.
From left to right 1. "Annie" was later at the Madison, Wis. Zoo for many years, 2. "Barnum (Bughouse) Alice" finished her career with Christy Bros Circus, 3. "Lizzie" later one of Cheerful Gardner's favorites with Hagenbeck-Wallace but unfortunately was lost in the 1941 Ringling poisoning in Atlanta, 4. "Boo" (Baby Baraboo) and 5. "Black Diamond".
This looks like a pretty "helter-skelter" operation, at least three of the elephants are wearing "French hobbles" around their necks in case they should be needed. The elephant men must have known something.


GaryHill said...

How old is Diamond in this picture? He looks like a tank! Gary

Anonymous said...

What are french hobbles? And I call myself an elephant person.!!!! I learn something new about them every day. Thanks to you Buckles. Was Smokie Jones ever married?

Buckles said...

He was imported by the Gentry Show around the turn of the Century.
By the way I forgot to mention to you that "Hugo" went to the Portland Zoo and died not too long ago.