Friday, May 31, 2019



Chic Silber said...

Galvanized washtub lights

hanging over the 3 rings

that I built in the 60s

Chic Silber said...

Ellipsoidal reflectors

& large "R" lamps were

recessed for protection

Chic Silber said...

This was either 64 or 65

Chic Silber said...

Big top of unbleached canvas duck by

Lief Osmundsen's "Leaf Tent & Sail"

Roger Smith said...

The Flying Gaonas are up. I see only 2 people on the board, and under the glass I think I barely make out someone dropping down on the bar, likely for a warm-up swing, since Victor is sitting up. That's possibly Tommy Clarke in the white shirt, standing at the correct guard position, where a flyer would land in the net, and possibly get thrown out, if a trick missed.