Friday, April 29, 2011

Cristiani Bros. AMAZING LEAPS (1959)_Half Sheet Flat

Cristiani Lithos (1959) From Chris Berry

A few days ago Jerry Cash posted terrific pictures from the Hollywood stand during the late summer of 1959. As part of the discussion Ole Whitey told a fascinating story about taking the bus on a Sunday from Santa Ana to the showgrounds at Beverly and Fairfax, where (among other things) he saw the great wire walker Con Colleano for the first time. On the posting Ole Whitey recounted his belief at the time that the Colleano act was so spectacular that it merited its own litho. While there never was a Colleano poster for Cristiani, I have created a gallery of a few of the posters that WERE in Ole Whitey's litho hod that summer...billed for the Chico, California date and perhaps even posted by Ole Whitey himself during that long-ago summer, now some 51 years ago!


Chic Silber said...

The illustration reminds me of

the 2 years we had 1 of Freddy

Canistrelli's sons doing these

leaps in a Superman outfit and

used the film theme music as well

Nearly got away without paying

any royalties but got caught

near the end of the Rodeo route

Chic Silber said...

Sorry folks I know the correct

spelling is Canestrelli

Ole Whitey said...

Yes, Chris, I well remember billing Chico. It was our second town in the state, nice little Susanville being the first. From Chico we billed what we called Marysville but which I see the route book calls Yuba City. Then Vallejo.

There was a problem getting our paper shipped in on time and we were unable to bill the next two towns Modesto and Visalia (although Modesto wasn't a total loss for me as some of us went over to Turlock to visit Foley and Burk and talk to Red White who had the 10-in-1 and Ralph Lockett in the office wagon.

Then we had a very long haul over the Grapevine with the bill car (truck) breaking down. Finally made it into Los Angeles where we billed for a long time, I assume eleven days - the same length as the show played there. Then several other Southern California towns.

In the meantime Francis Kitzman, for whom I had worked earlier in the year on the Famous Cole before Glenn Jarmes took over and it started falling apart, had been visiting his daughter in the Los Angeles area. One night he and Elsie had taken me to Harry Chipman's for supper.

Anyway Kitz lined up the Carson and Barnes bill car as Bill Wilcox had decided to hang it up and go sit on the porch in Hot Springs. I left from Burbank with Francis and Elsie and we joined Carson and Barnes in the Ozarks. The next spring found me in Sarasota and back with the Cristiani advance. As I recall I was somewhat younger then.

Buckles: Glad you got the glitch fixed. Apparently no one was able to post yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Chic, I remember what happened after RBBB got caught, as I caught the show in Detroit, which was right near the end of the route. I bought a program and the photograph in it with Superman's "S" had a big blank ink stamp over the insignia. I figured copyright issues had come into play and I was glad that I was able to buy one of the altered programs for my collection! Who got stuck stamping out the insignia, I have wondered to this day?
Neil Cockerline, Minneapolis, MN

Chic Silber said...

Neil it was clearly some idiot

that got on Bobby Johnsen's list

(or maybe it was a few jabronies)

rcblues said...

Mr. Buckles,
Have been trying to get some history on Dick and Dorothy Berg who had trained Seals. After arriving at your site and seeing this poster and the stop in Chico, I am curious if the Bergs were with this show. I may have been 5-6
yrs. old, my grandparents were building their retirement home on the Sacremento River outide of Chico. The Bergs paid a visit for a day or so. They traveled in two busses, one for Seals and one for living in. After there stay we went to see them perform. My mother mentioned that we had also seen them perform at Cal Poly, SLO.
I don't recall that show. Some time later we saw them at Pacific Ocean Park. I have found a post card showing them performing. I do know they divorced and he went to NYC. I also found a photo of Dick Berg with a Seal named Ronnie (there was a son named Ronnie) they were on stage with JFK jr. It would be really cool if anyone had any history to share with. This search started as a minor curiosity and afetr through the many sites and blog manis now seems symptom... Thank You... "Shared Knowledge" is the essence to life... rcblues