Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1950's Elephants #9

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Hagen Bros. Circus 1958 #2
"Elsie" and "Terry" (a crippled punk) had been the Hagen Bros. herd for several years.
The three newly acquired elephants from Jimmy Cole were "Frieda", "Elizabeth" and "Dorothy".


Ole Whitey said...

You remember Jack Moore later bought Dorothy, probably for little or nothing, and had a trap door cut in the side of the semi so she could be chained and unchained without getting in there with her.

Of course you can only take so many such precautions and she managed to work Shipley over pretty good. I think she then went to Mexico without going on the road with Carson and Barnes.

Buckles said...

This is "Dorothy's" Rap Sheet.

1947-50 James M. Cole Circus
1951-57 James M. Cole Elephant Act
1958 Hagen Bros. Circus
1959 Carson & Barnes Quarters
(She injured Richard Shipley prior to the C&B opening and was given to the Tulsa Zoo)

There was another elephant with the same name and same disposition.

1953-61 Ed Widaman Elephant Act
1961-63 Larry Higgins Elephant Act
1964-72 Hubert Castle Circus
(Donated in early 1972 to a Dallas Safari Park)

Maybe Gary Hill remembers her.

Buckles said...

We missed all the excitement in Hugo since I was away in the Army and my folks were with Rudy Bros. and wintered at Luke Anderson's place in Norco, Calif.

Ole Whitey said...

I wasn't there for the "excitement" either but I talked to Shipley at WQ shortly thereafter when he was still bandaged up and limping around. As I recall Jack had his show at the fairgrounds but the elephants were kept over in the big barn over at Rancho Miller.

GaryHill said...

Yes, Capt I do remember her, she was a tough ole broad. I fortunally was only allowed to muck up after her, George Grey handled her...