Sunday, June 06, 2010

From Richard Flint #2

IMG_9883, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Long mounts

Jason King, who earlier was on the Cole Bros. show (they now have an act presented by Tim Frisco, also from Barbara Byrd), has a three-act and so his group came in the ring for a quick walkaround during the afternoon show after the full act presented by Kelly-Miller’s Armando Loyal. For the evening presentation, however, both herds came in together to do a walkaround and then a single long-mount before the formation seen here, then the trunk salute pictured first, and exit.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to a genuine
and respected Circus Historian, is this not actually a SIDE mount ?

Always willing to learn.

Paul G.

Anonymous said...

After actually reading what was written - no where above does it say that the photo is of the "long mount" - it clearly says PRIOR to this formation they did a long mount -
am I totally off base here - or just confused at tge question posed ?
Tim D

Anonymous said...

It's a little incongruous and I have now learned not to write comments late at night after coming home from a full day on a very hot and humid Circus lot and trying to cure my dehydration by numerous consultations with doctors Anheuser and Busch.

Paul G.

Anonymous said...

Which elephant man caused the first long mount to take place?

How many elephants does it take to do a "long" mount?

Buckles said...

More than one.

Chic Silber said...

Buckles you're the best


I'm told that it stands for

"Rolling On Floor Laughing My

Ass Off"