Sunday, June 06, 2010

From Richard Flint #3

JRNII with camera, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

John Ringling North II

Having arrived on the show just in time to catch the second half of the afternoon show and unaware of the extra herd on the lot, I knew something was up when numerous performers with their cameras came into the big top and many on the working crew took out their cell phones ready to take a picture. Even John Ringling North II, ever the circus fan, moved from his seat to a more advantageous angle with his camera. At first I thought one of the kids on the show was going to attempt a new trick in the next act but when the K-M elephants came in, I was a bit perplexed until the second herd came in!

This year’s Kelly-Miller circus is a wonderful show with several quality animal acts, great clowning, and a good variety of ground and aerial acts, all enlivened by numerous charming youngsters in the show. John Ringling North II continues not only his own family tradition but that established by David Rawls when he started K-M. This is one circus since its inception that you can count on year in and year out to have a good show for the towns it plays. The equipment as well always looks good and all the folks on the show—front yard and back yard—are as nice as can be. It’s a delight to see and visit.

Dick Flint



Chic Silber said...

Is this a single set of quarters

What size is this top & by whom

Anonymous said...

Irv Mohler and I visited the show the day before in Westminster. I agree with Dick that it is a quality performance. One of the finest Risley Acts I have seen in a long time with the Poema Family! Definitely a show worth seeing if it is near you!