Sunday, December 06, 2009

From Robert Perry

Buckles some sad news from australia an Australian circus icon passed away today Jean Perry with her husband the late joe perry ran one of australia,s great circuses Sole Bros Jean was in her 80s we traveled with them for 6 months in 1966 they were one of the fastest moving shows in Australia at one stage they had 8 elephants many artists from the usa would have toured with them

Robert Perry Australia


Michael Robertson said...

Jean Marie Perry, owner and boss lady of "Sole Bros Circus", sadly passed away 6th December 2009. Jean along with her late husband Joe and son Lidsay, had a great circus and toured all Australia, with a top line show..R.I.P Jean,your hardships are over, no more battling the harsh elements. We miss Sole Bros Circus, and we will certainly miss you Jean. Thankyou, you did it well.
Michael Robertson

Steve said...

Jean was a tough old show lady of the "old school".
As a child she lost a leg in a train accident in South Africa. It didn't slow her down a bit. She went on to perform, drive a truck, raise two kids and, as Robert said, run one of the fastest moving show this country has seen.
She was a very astute businesswoman and a tough negotiator. She never got over the early death of her husband, Joe, but with characteristic grit she kept the show going for years after his death.
An interestin sideline - although Jean lost her leg in an accident, both her son and her niece have lost legs for medical reasons.
As Michael has said - we will miss her ...... there aren't too many of the old timers left now. R.I.P