Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bob Good Sr. and "Teddy"

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Not sure how to leave comments as comment does not show up on my pics from the blog, but here are some ramblings on Harry Turner.

I can remember by Dad, Mom, and I visiting the Turners in New Hope, Pa. They lived on the main drag of what was a sleepy artists town. My Mom and I would walk the town while my Dad jackpotted with Turner.

I have a Buffalo Bill medallion that Turner gave my Dad. He had been on that show in Europe. Also, when he died an auction of his home was held and my Dad got some books from his collection. Some had interesting comments in the margins.

Floating around the circus room is an article on the Turners. If anyone wants additional info I may be able to help them.

It is interesting how some of these old names keep showing up. Charles Bernard, Capt. Heyer, etc. are just a few that come to mind.

See you down the road.

Bob Good

"I'm sure you have this picture of your dad posing with "Teddy" on the World of Mirth lot in 1941."


Harry Kingston said...

Many of us fans have your Dad to thank for all those great circus photos we have in our collections today.
And they were great photos of circuses of the past and in focus and well exposed negatives. As that sure makes a difference in modeling wagons etc.
I just ran across one of your Dad's photo lists the other day.
I know P J Holmes has a ton of your Dad's photos in his collection.
Thank you for putting this great photo on Buckles blog.

J.C. Hall said...

What year would the European tour of Buffalo Bill have been? Around the early to mid 30's.

Frank Ferrante said...

From what I was able to research, there were three European tours, (1887-1888, 1889-1893 and 1906-1910)

On that first trip “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World" sailed on the State of Nebraska steamship for London, its entourage included “83 salon passengers, 38 steerage passengers, 97 Indians, 180 horses, 18 buffalo, 10 elk, 5 Texan steers, 4 donkeys, 2 deer and a Deadwood Concord Stagecoach.”

In 1910, Buffalo Bill sold the show to Pawnee Bill, the show folded after Buffalo Bill's death in 1916. I'm not sure if there was another European tour after Pawnee Bill took over ownership.

Anonymous said...

Buffalo Bill's Wild West [which did not include the word "Show" in the title at any time] was in Europe from April 1887 to early May 1888; April 1889 to October 1890; April 1891 to October 1892; and 1903-1906, when they utilized the former B&B physical plant.

Cody did not sell the outfit to Lillie; Pawnee Bill bought the fractions owned by the Bailey estate and the Ringlings and deeded a portion of the performance operation to Cody on terms. It was the worst move of his life.

There was no return to Europe after Lillie's purchases. He'd had a disastrous tour there in the 1890s and the BBWW visit of 1903-1906 was also a bust. Europe had moved past the Wild West.

The Two Bills outfit was foreclosed in 1913, an action based upon collusion between Tammen & Bonfils and a litho company. Underlying the situation was another stupid action taken by Cody.

Cody was with Sells-Floto for 1914-1915 and then on a version of the 101 Ranch in 1916. His poor business ethics and practices, and accumulated debt kept him working unto his death in early 1917.

Monty said...

Hey Budkles,
Please post that Pic of your dad on the WOM lot. I grew up in W-S and remember the WOM going belly-up there in 1963. In fact my uncle, a local auctioneer, sold the wagons and equipment left impounded on the Dixie Classic Fair Grounds in Sep. of 1964. You can see my uncle's picture standing in the back of his old Ford pickup in Bob Goldsack's book on page 128