Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Harry Mooney (From Dick Flint)

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Here is a photo of the Library of Congress copy of a 77-page book “How to Train Your Own Dogs” by Harry J. Mooney who is described on the title page as “Trainer with Barnum & Bailey.” It was published in 1909 by Saalfield , a major printer of children’s books during the time though part of the book first appeared in the New York “Evening Mail” the year before. Mooney was born in 1870 and his real name was Henry John Mooney.

Dick Flint



Fred Neill said...

I notice from an earlier entry Harry/henry appearing c1903 - hence the 1870 ref is useful to me.
I have recently found references to him (?) at other dates. The "London Journal" in August 1911 refers to a grudge attack on a night shift keeper with the show in UK in 1898 (probably at Olympia. 'Cooper' a bad-tempered 'keeper led to Jack Mooney being attacked by Babe - she was heartbroken that she'd attacked the wrong man & fussed all over Mooney. 11 weeks later (on tour) she nearly crushed Cooper.

The "Southern Planter"(!) in 1904 mentions "Jack Mooney, one of our best elephant men lying on the ground" - hence, I suspect Mooney was not Europe hired but US all along.