Thursday, December 18, 2008

RBBB in Japan 1988 #2

Japan trip, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Another photo from the Japan trip. There is no indication as to whether or not this was taken in Japan or in the U.S.

"It was taken on the dock in Japan while waiting for the tent to be erected. John Herriott made this tour and could write a book about the deeds and misdeeds of the adventure. Sixteen elephants were included, nine owned by Bobby Moore, three by Scott Riddle and the four remaining Diano elephants from RBBB."

Bobby Moore elephants: 1. Asia, 2. Dame, 3. Emma, 4. Tova, 5. Mekeah (African female), 6. Jack (African male), 7. Tonka, 8. Smokey (Asian male), 9. Luna.

Scott Riddle elephants: 1. Mary, 2. Solomon (African male), 3. Muggs (African female).

RBBB elephants: 1. Minnie, 2. Calcutta, 3. Mysore, 4. Dolly."



Buckles said...

Due to shipping requirements, Kenny Feld had these three elephant trucks built specificly for these 16 elephants.
I have had occasion to use them since and the area over the back deck would only accommodate smaller elephants and down in the well wasn't much better.
Maybe trucks in Japan were limited in size.

Anonymous said...

One of these trailers, is at the Fla. State Fairgrounds,being used by the Red Unit.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Ringling gave Bobby Moore the OK to design the elephant trailers that were special built and he in turn designed them to fit his operation. I recall that they had to put aqdditional blocking when not hooked up as the dollys were too far back. Something like that. They looke3de funny sitting on the lot. Also the following year they took over the big King Tusk trailer. Don't make sense.

In Venice I worked with Bob MacDougal in designing two forty foot Containers to haul Sixteen horses, six ponies, two camels, two llamas and two unicorn goats. It was tight but we slant loaded the horses and could crawl thru to water and hay. It worked.

As I recall each elephant trailer was different layout. Not "show equipment". Scott could fill us in better than me.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the dock in Tokyo when they stayed there between Sapporo and Tokyo for some twelve days while tent and everythin was moved and set up.
I raised hell and refused to keep the horses,etc. there as there was no way to exercise them and in bad weather we could not 'just load up", So I became the tempermental horse trainer, but they did move us to a racing horse stable that was not being used at the time. Nice box stalls, grassy area. They provgided a driver and van for us, me,cindy and five grooms. Our hotel was owned by Northwest Airlines. Nice two story structure for the use of 747 crews to stay between flights and VIP p-aSSENGERS. So we lived high on the hog. I spent an hour chatting with former Vice-Pres. Walter Mondale, former fellow Minnesotan, who was U S Ambassoder to Japan, in the dining room. I was a bee hive of activity with flight crews coming and going. Also is amazing how many people are in those 747 crews.Also it was American style dining, etc. Seems like there are times when you have to be an Asshole. Naturally the show execs could't get to me as I was only looking out for the well being of Ringling animals and that was one of the reasons I was there.