Monday, November 24, 2008

"The Wonder Show" #8

Scan10983, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

George Christy sometimes used a Wild West Show type canopy for a menagerie.
This picture would have been taken about 1926. The six large elephants carried at the time were "Caradini Babe", "Barnum Alice", "Daisy", "Rosie", "Coco (tuskless male)" and "Bessie".
The three small ones were "Venice", "Dixie" and "Myrtle".

I well remember Daisy, Dixie and Myrtle from their days with Kelly-Miller.

I might add that Mr. Christy had two more elephants, "Gentry Babe" and "Rubber" with his #2 Unit Lee Bros. Circus. in 1925, '26 and '27


Anonymous said...

Why did Christy use a WW canopy? Was it to try to improve ventilation and thereby address "circus complaint" [the exotic smell of animals, which offended some people]?

Buckles said...

More than likely it was for sale after some WW Show folded.