Monday, March 03, 2008

Interesting Video

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Here is an interesting video from Mike Naughton

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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by the guy on the canvas crew lacing in his sports jacket. Talk about a better dressed era...jeez

Anonymous said...

Great video... Loved the whole thing. How long did it take to set up? How many workers. Thanks Mike.

Buckles said...

It all depended on how long the jump was and how far the train was spotted from the lot.
The performances were scheduled for 2 and 8 but if a delimma arose, the matinee could be pushed back as late as 4 o'clock with no problem.

Mike Naughton said...

Would Johnny Herriott or yourself be able to identify any one?

Is the safe to say that we are watching The George Hanneford, Sr. Riding act, some 60 years ago?

Buckles said...

This film appears to have been made very early in the season, if not the opening day. Canvas looks band new and everyone is bundled up as tho in early spring.
We were on the show the previous season (1948) and the biggest change I noticed was the panel banner line.
The performance had changed from the Cristiani's and Hubert Castle to the Hannefords, Con Colleano and Barbette.
My dad always said the Cole Show elephant acts were the worst he was ever associated with and with the exception of the wardrobe, they appear to have remained about the same.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Paul Nelson with the 12-horse liberty act? John Smith was also over there for a long time but I would not know him. Johnny Herriott, comments from you are earnestly sought!! Was Paul brother or cousin to Zack Terrell's wife (who was sister to manager Noyelles Burkhardt's wife)?
Dick Flint

Anonymous said...

I met Paul briefly one year when I was training a liberty act for Raul Rodriques. He sat in a chair quitly and watched the whole act. When I was finished, I told him I had been having a problem with something new, and he said, "let me see". I showed him, he said, "try this", and it worked perfect." What a knowledgeable sharing gentleman. His wife is also a great lady.
Wade Burck

Anonymous said...


how can i get a copy of this video?

my mom rode the 16 horse hitch on cole bros in 1946.

while she is not in this video riding the hitch i would none the less like to obtain a copy

bill Powell

Anonymous said...

I hope the banner man made a killing on this date. He certainly had a lot of local ads.
Bob Kitto