Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lockhart Elephants (From Joey Ratliff)

Lockhart, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Very excited to hear about Jamie Clubb's book on the
Lockhart elephants Salt and Sauce. I thought I would
offer a couple of photos of Prof. Lockhart with
Ringling in 1896. Elephants are listed as Nellie,
Harry, Jennie, Charlie and Tom.



Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos and great history along with them. Buckles you certainly deserve accolades from all of us and this is certainly part of what your great blog is all about. Thanks, Johnny

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This must be the Harry Lockhart your dad mentioned Bert Noyes talking about. Did you ever get any more complete data on him?

Polacsek found an ad for a vaudeville act called "Tom Tom and the Three Graces" worked by Sam Lockhart playing Detroit in October, 1901 (Ringling didn't close until mid-November).

Chang mentioned in his notes at the CWM that four Lockhart elephants opened the 1902 Floto show, one died and the rest of the act left before the season ended. Rick identifies the one who died as Tom Tom.

Bob Cline said...

As I understand it, George Lockhart and Samuel Lockhart were brothers. Both had elephant acts in the United States. Samuel's act was taking off as George was heading away from Ringling.

Samuel had a male Asian named Romeo from 1896 to 1902. I believe he is the one that died on the Sells-Floto show. I have nothing further after 1902.
His remaining four elephants were TomTom, Hattie, Wilhemina, and Trilby. I have traced all four of them existing through 1902. I have nothing on the females after 1902. I suspect I can trace two of them further but I'm not 100% sure if it is indeed the same elephant on different shows in 1903. Given that TomTom is on a different show, I'm inclined to say they were all sold after 1902.
TomTom went on to the George Jabour show in 1903, then to Fred Buchanan's Yankee Robinson Show from 1904 to 1911 when he drowned on June 24, 1911 in Cumberland, WI.
As for George Lockhart's elephants Harry and Tom, there is nothing in the Chang Reynolds files. I too have asked for further information on them.


Bob Cline said...

Additional information:

I searched through again last night for the Lockhart elephants. They have over 76 million pages now. Anyway, I found Samuel Lockhart still perfoming with three elephants as late as Oct.5th, 1905. No elephants are mentioned by name.

In 1906 I found him working with TODDLES, his highly trained elephant. There is no mention of his group of elephants. I found nothing after May of 1906.


Anonymous said...

Did you folks notice an 1894 Ringling route book up on eBay? Starting price five bills. I'm too old and too poor to get into these.