Monday, October 29, 2007

Hoxie Bros. Circus 1961 #1

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"Midway with Bradley's bannerline." W.W.

The comments above were written by my father. Whoever sent him the pictures also must have supplied the information. I wonder if he meant Lee Bradley?

I remember seeing a picture of Hoxie Tucker and Col. Tom Parker in Bandwagon. They were arm in arm walking up Central Avenue in Hot Springs. In those days they promoted and booked whatever they could, wrestling matches, concerts, revivals, singers, dancers and even an occasional circus date.
Legend has it that when their partnership was dissolved Hoxie said, "I'll take the circus and you can have the Hillbilly!" Buckles


David said...

The pictures reminded me of a book I read quite a few years back written by someone who traveled with Hoxie Bros. Circus for a season.

Anonymous said...

I think David is thinking of "Mud Show."

Buckles: Wasn't Lee already dead by 1961?

Buckles said...

I forget the year Lee died. He was a good friend, another victim of parafined canvas.

Anonymous said...

We were around the Hoxie Show in 1961 and Lee Bradley had the side show and also a riding mechanic in the "big show"
Dick Dykes

Anonymous said...

To David and ole whitey - the two sources are:

Fred Powledge's book – Mud Show: A Circus Season (Hoxie Bros. Circus – 1975


National Geographic Magazine - On The Road With An Old-time Circus - John Ketterman - March, 1972

Anonymous said...

The uninitiated might not know who the Hillbilly was Col. Parker was left with. Elvis Presley.