Monday, October 29, 2007

From Paul Gutheil

Saw the 1:00 RBBB performance in Bridgeport and were horrified to witness the Torres
family's globe act experience a
a 7 person crash inside. On one of the first turns of seven 2 bikes
apparently collided and as they tried to
right them the other five kept circling above. After some anxious moments
everything and everybody seemed
to be ok. They then resumed the act and after what seemed like just a
few turns in the globe
there was another collision and all seven Torres were in a heap in the
bottom of the globe. It took awhile to get the
gate open and when they did it took some time to get all performers and
bikes out, in fact the band kept playing
through the whole ordeal, they went through finale as bikes and performers
were walked out of the "ring". Fire
Dept personnel were involved; there were some gas spills. As the audience
was exiting the "ringmaster" came
through the curtain and announced that all members of the troupe were ok.
When we left the building a short while
however, someone we could not identify was brought out of the building
wrapped up on a gurney and put in an

On another note it was sad for us to realize that after all these years
the only person we really knew on the show was Sonny
Ridley and we could not get passes or permission to go back and even say,

A brighter note, we saw Vicenta Pages for the first time...a beautiful
young lady who worked her 6 or 7 white tigers
with style and grace,,,a pleasure.

Diane wants to log off (?) and put this thing to bed.

Best, Paul


Anonymous said...

What a mess that accident must have been. I wonder how many globe riders will be in the "new" GSOE. It seems they can't put on a show without "Globe of Death". Either with the riders being burned or the audience.