Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dailey Bros. Circus Reunion

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I stumbled across this undated picture, taken maybe 15 years ago at the Sarasota Circus Festival.
Smokey, Barbara, Buckles, Ward, Duke Keller, Charlie Smith, Rex, Norma, Jimmy Rossi and Donna McMahon.
I was never on the Dailey Show but was allowed in the picture by proxy.


Anonymous said...

Boy that look on Smokey's face when he would take a deep breath for a split second; you weren't sure if he was going to bust into laughter or the wrath of hell and damnation.

Sure are some pretty died in the woolers in that line up. I know all but a couple who are just ledgends to me.
Quoting Mr.R.Jones, "that group is every thing you've heard about and even more"???

Anonymous said...

A rogues gallery of the highest order. I have enjoyed some great stories about Daily Bros from my mom and dad over the years.

Buckles, I have a picture or Rex Rossi's trick saddle now in residence at the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum on Los Angeles. Will forward post haste.

Bill Powell

Anonymous said...

Gee, Buckles, you never had a chance to be red-lighted!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Know it all Anonymous.

Buckles did so worked for the RBBB.