Friday, August 17, 2007

Peru, Ind. Quarters #9

Scan000010019, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

The carcass of "Vance" being hauled out back for burial 8/4/35 after his execution by noted Sportsman Omer Cole. Looks like his tusks were over someone's fireplace already.
Two months previously while working in harness with the Barnes Show, he had suddenly attacked and killed the "hook-up" man Jessie Wardlow and on July 9 both "Vance" and another male "Tommy" were shipped by baggage car from the show to Peru.
Some time later, after a ruckus in the elephant barn and on instructions from the Ringling Show, "Tommy" was shot by Peru Police Chief Edward Hobbs 8/22/35.
It would be 1966, thirty one years later, before another Asian male elephant would travel with a Ringling owned circus, "John".


Anonymous said...

Sad tale but at least those in charge got noted Sportsman Omer Cole to perform the execution. Probably a goodly placed slug and a quick death; no doubt the sheriff witnessed this and executed Tommy in the same fashion. This seems like a better end than the botched kills that I’ve seen in books I’ve read about “Elephants Gone Bad.”