Friday, August 17, 2007

Peru, Ind. Quarters #10

Scan000010018, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

1938 picture of the old Ben Wallace Gate, 1/4 mile east of the headquarters.


Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting Variety of photos to see altogether , Lots of BIG dooens taken place at the A.C.C. Headquarters . It seams like just a Peek , a Taste ; into a BIG COLORFULL STORY -

( like Ross es charming snippet yesterday )- I now want some more .

Bob Cline said...

There is one exhibit at the Hall of Fame now that shows all the different gates from the "days". There were many of them and I am probably wrong on this, but I believe that each gate was of a different design. No two were alike.

Anonymous said...

A thought for the good people in Peru [and elsewhere]--You might want to consider re-creating all of the gates, which were, to the best of my knowledge, a unique collective installation. It would raise awareness as to the breadth of the Wallace and other agricultural holdings and create a "discovery path" in the area surrounding Peru. It's an opportunity to interpret "why Peru," the carvers from Sullivan & Eagle [who perhaps fabricated the gates], local land heritage and more, leading to the various circus collections in the area. There are plenty of hobbyist wood carvers out there, doing carousel horses and whatever. You also have a cadre of volunteer laborers that donate their services every year, some with good woodworking skills. It's a project that might well solicit foundation and grant support to cover much of the expense. You'd be re-creating a wealth of heritage without equal, "The Gateways of Peru." Think in terms of national media recognition for this inviting attraction to enjoy a beautiful and historic countryside. It deserves much more beyond the simple photographic recognition.

Anonymous said...

That IS a Clever Idea & a Possiable Practical Positive Proposal Anonymous .

It's YOUR BALL - Run with it ! )

Anonymous said...

The last time I was there, one gate to the Wallace place was quite simple and had two "W"s on two posts. Someone advise if this is the same gate with parts missing. And I agree--restoration is in order.

Anonymous said...

"The Gates," the unusual and temporary art installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in New York's Central Park in 2005 brought world-wide acclaim, and broad media attention. The film "The Bridges of Madison County," started a "pilgrimage industry" in visiting covered bridges in Iowa cornfields. Imagine the revenue that it placed into the coffers of the motels, restaurant owners, gas stations and others. Perhaps they'd make good sponsors? All one needs is an imaginative vision and a compelling case statement to sell the concept to some interested movers and shakers. visionary leadership is hard to find, getting money is easy if you capture someone's imagination. Showmen did it all the time in finding "angels." Come on, Hoosiers, go for it.