Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year #3


(The above statement reminds me Smokey once said that when he took over the elephants on the Ringling Show, the first day one of the hands told him "I know I've always got a job here. Ruth won't drink for anyone else.
Smokey, of course, immediately transferred him over to Ringstock and when he saw him in the cook house the next day he said, "She drank.") Buckles Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Alfredo Rossi, originally a juggler, took over this act sometime after his sister married into the Althoff family; it actually may have been trained by Willy Manns. Rossi's Musical Elephants (Petie, Rosa, Pierrette, and Nellie) arrived in the US at the end of November 1908 to appear at the New York Hippodrome, the date of this New Year's greeting card (reproduced from Chrisitan Hamels' Les Eléphants au Cirque). Rossi's Musical Elephants were later with the Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill show in 1910 but returned to Europe by the time they were on Circus Corty Althoff for the 1913 season.
To everyone, best wishes for an entertaining year of informative contributions to Buckles blog!
Dick Flint