Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To anonymous/ "Toddles"

This is "Toddles" (tuskless male) with the J.E. Henry Show in 1916-17 being led by Al Langdon.
His original name was "Tambus" when he came from the Hagenbeck Zoo but was changed for some reason.

1901-04 Ringling Bros. Circus
1905-09 Big Otto Animal Farm in Wisconsin
1910-14 Selig Zoo Los Angeles
1915 Wm. P. Hall Animal Farm
1916-17 J.E. Henry Show (died in 1917)


Anonymous said...

Toddles was also an elephant trained by Prof. Sam Lockhart
appeared in vaudville.,
prior to having been purchased by the Selig moving picture company.
"The Almost Human Elephant".

Anonymous said...

BTW didnt another elephant named"Gypsey" die on the J.E Henry show in 1917?
I believe that was formerly a Frank Bostock/ Coney Island elephant that carried a six piece band in its howdah.(Im going by memory here,so please correct me)