Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ringling Circus Park 1976

It was like this. As I explained to my wife, I was walking along minding my own business when I heard a commotion in the Show Girls dressing room. I discovered that they were in the process of staging the photo of a play they were rehearsing for (a party scene) and they were upset because Buddy Copeland was nowhere to be found.
Always known as being helpful, I volunteered to take his place in the picture. It only took a second and then I continued on my way. So there you have it, you were completely fooled.
Ha! Ha!

As further evidence, look at those young ladies sitting on the ring curb, wearing their sweet little straw hats. Could an evil thought ever enter any of their minds? I think not!


Anonymous said...

That was good ( LOL ) ;

It's my assumption that this photo was a couple months prior to my arival in August & I did not see Antonio Hoyos who arived a month or so after me . ( That rascal ! ) I miss you all !

GaryHill said...

Fece'The Clown is that you ?????

Anonymous said...


Would you please post a photograph of the(at one time)famous elephant
Reportly the first elephant to star in a moving picture in 1913.
The Selig motion Picture Company

GaryHill said...

Buckles do you remember the name of the girl that rode the horse in the black light at the beginning of the show? She is standing next to Trevor?

Buckles said...

No I sure don't.

Anonymous said...

Who was the Ringmaster before Keith Truesdale ? This does not look like Keith here .