Friday, April 14, 2006

Elephant folks #4

When Luke Anderson closed his circus, he kept his hippo and elephant "Gentry Babe" at his ranch in Norco, CA. and would make dates with a circus unit. Luke was a good business man and with his concessions always did well.
After selling "Babe" to Gene Holter he bought this small elephant 1955 and named her "Suzie" after his daughter. Almost immediately after her purchase he took his unit to Alaska with the Ward-Bell Circus. On return he made a deal with Wally Ross to train her and here we see them together on some sort of West Coast promotion.
In the Fall of 1957 my folks bought her from Luke and according to my Dad, he said to my mother, "Babe, do you have $3,500? and after counting out a like amount in cash, bus tokens and Green Stamps he loaded her into the truck and they headed for Hugo".
My mother's name was Sarah so "Suzie" became "Sadie".


Anonymous said...

Would be nice to buy an elephant for 35oo today hehehe