Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I saw a pitiful thing on the Internet yesterday. Peggy Williams trying to collect enough money to pay for Charley Baumann's Ring of Fame plaque.
How much money do you suppose the Ringling Show made off his tiger act during the 25 years he was with the show? And it has come to this.


Anonymous said...

pretty sad... he was dedicated to that show...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask Feld?

Anonymous said...

Buckles - shocking and sad!! Where did you see the request by Peggy for funds for Charley Baumann's plaque? Does she still need funds? We are attending two CFA tent banquets over the next two weeks and can surely pass the hat for funds as well as send some ourselves.
Paul & Diane Gutheil

Anonymous said...

Please provide more information. I am sure as Paul & Diane mention Circus Fans could be counted on for donations. I surely would not hesitate to contribute. As a performer Charley Baumann provided all of us with nothing less than the very best for over a quarter century. Please keep us updated.
Joe Giordano

Buckles said...

The eMail was concluded by saying donations should be sent to:

The Ciorcus Ring of Fame
c/o Floyd Kruger
5147 Flicker Field Circle
Sarasota, Fl. 34231

Anonymous said...

Feld Enterprises probly owns
the St. Armonds Circle ! ! !