Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ken Maynard #2

Ken Maynard with Cole Bros. Circus posing with famouis equestrian Dorothy Herbert.


Anonymous said...

I am blessed with very fond and respectful memories of my visits with this gracious lady, some three or four times, on the Jungleland lot. She seemed familiar, but I didn't fully recognize her when she first introduced herself as Mrs. Kinnard. When I told Dick McGraw of visiting with her, I was sore amazed to learn Mrs. A. W. Kinnard was, on more circus paper than any other performer, the legendary Dorothy Herbert.

Anonymous said...

I played an indoor date where Roy Rogers was the cowboy featured. I never met him. All the people avoided Dale Evens. She was supposed to be VERY bossy and controling. It was said that she made Roy what he was. Some people need that. Been there, done that.