Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Barnett Bros. Circus 1937/ "Danny"

In response to Bill Schreiber, they did indeed have a male elephant on the Wallace Show. This is "Danny" a former Corporation tusker that was on the show in 1937-38 when they were still using the Barnett title. He tried to tear up the show in 1938, as those males have been known to do and was hustled off to the Pittsburgh Zoo. The man at left wearing the boots is an old timer named Tommy "Daddy" Burns.


Anonymous said...

The elephant on the left has a head shaped like the elephant TINA on Kelly Miller in the 60s. Dome shaped. She was another old girl that liked to chase a body around the lot. She chased Gene in one door of our truck and he ran out the other. Scared me half to death. She turned right around and resumed her gentle ways, forgetting she just tried to kill someone. Made doing the coverup trick very hard to do after that. I was glad I only did one winter date with her after that. Everyone has fond memories of her except me.

Anonymous said...

I read that the Pittsburgh zoo
later had to kill the elephant,Danny because they could not afford to feed him anymore,Im guessing he had to weigh around 4 or 5 tons at least..
That was back during the Great Depression.