Friday, August 27, 2021



Tony Greiner said...

I wonder if the US Mail refers to the organist being the show mailman. I believe tips were expected for the service.

Roger Smith said...

Tips were expected for anything you wanted done on the lot. On the 1964 Beatty show, as a $2-a-day cageboy, I tipped our mailman Kenny Dodd 50 cents per week. Donnicker Mike received $2 a week for use of his highly septic facility, and on rare days I visited Curry the Water Truck driver for a $2 mickey. On payday, I walked away from Mr. Forstall's window with $13.10. Mr. Beatty tipped me $10-$15 a week as his chauffeur and for running his tunnel door. Even from the cageboy's payscale, palms were greased all week long or services were denied.