Monday, November 30, 2020




Chic Silber said...

Among those who welcomed Kaavan to Cambodia

was the multi talented & philanthropic Cher

who paid for a legal team to gain his release

Chic Silber said...

Cher was at Siem Reap airport when Kaavan arrived

Roger Smith said...

She's no First of May, and looks pretty good for a sweet young thing about my age.

Her best number is "Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves", sung like a veteran showbroad.

From what we hear, on a personal basis, everyone likes her. Sonny's widow invited her to eulogize him at his funeral. He's buried in Palm Springs, not far from Frank Sinatra and Betty "Holly" Hutton.

Chic Silber said...

I've enjoyed so many of her

song renditions I can't nail

any as a very favorite

She is timeless to me

I got know Bob Mackie from

a few shows we worked on &

he has only the best to say

about her &Carol Burnett

Roger Smith said...

When I lived in San Antonio, native girl Carol Burnett came home. She had lived over on West 22nd Street, and asked permission of the current residents to visit her former home. They knew Carol had lived there, but were knocked over when it was her on the phone. Carol came to town with no fanfare, and it was reported she drove down from the airport in a rented car. The residents had a pot of coffee on and a tray of homemade goodies. After the greetings, they had arranged to spend the day away, and leave Ms. Burnett to stay as long as she wanted, re-living her childhood there. As some of us know, those years were not kind to the girl. Her parents were abusive alcoholics, and Carol spent all the hours she could in darkened picture shows, dreaming of being on the screen someday. Her teen years were saved by her grandmother, who moved them to Los Angeles where Carol Burnett found her way to stardom.

Roger Smith said...

This on Dec. 3rd: Cher is on YouTube, with a 1:32 clip about the arrival of Kaavan at his new home. She says, "He will live his life as an elephant, not as a prisoner."

Roger Smith said...

And--YouTube is posting a number of clips showing Kaavan thriving well in his new home. He has met the neighbor girls, and they are sharing treats. Indeed, living lives as elephants.