Friday, October 23, 2020




Chic Silber said...

Trolle told me that when

the family settled in what

was a rural area outside

of Malmo there was little

around them but over the

years Malmo built out to

include their property

so they are now central

Roger Smith said...

I trust they will be more stable in this development than Clyde Beatty was in Fort Lauderdale. He opened his Jungle Zoo there on December 1,1939. The town was a sleepy little town, more or less just sitting there. Clyde and Harriett Beatty by then had international fame, and their attraction put Fort Lauderdale on the map. Real estate developers continued building closer to the zoo property until residents began complaints of loudspeaker and animal noise, and increasing crowds. By 1945, pressures built on the City to re-zone the Beatty site strictly for residential use, and by a narrow vote, the zoo was closed. Maybe the Rhodin family will sustain better fortunes in Malmo.

Chic Silber said...

Diana in the family ring barn

comes from several generations

of circus by way of her mother

Ingeborg Gautier's heritage

as well as from her father

Trolle of the Rhodins

Bob Swaney said...

Sounds like the US when developers encroach on air bases and the residents later start to bitch about the sound of freedom.

Roger Smith said...

On a post not that long ago, an Air Force Base commander responded to residents complaints, reminding them in so many words, we were here first, like Beatty told the realtors, and you drew closer to build. And to remember that the aircraft sounds prove that if we are attacked, residents near the base are the closest and first protected.