Monday, July 27, 2020



Chic Silber said...

I believe this is the son

of Boyd Kimes who worked

on the Beatty Show in the

70s as "Uncle Heavy & his

Pork Chop Revue" He might

be working with the name

of "Cousin Grumpy"

Richard King said...

Worked with him as Cousin Grumpy and His Pork Chop Revue. His wife Rebecca was ringmaster on McConell's Circus Royal the year I was on the show. I understand they bought the show from McConell.

Mr.Lee said...

Les KImes aka Cousin Grumpy and the original pork chop revue.Yes he is Heavy's son. We worked together when he took the act over after his dads passing. On Jim Nordmarks All star circus. He now also features a fair show along with his now wife Nina Meluzzi Shes; the daughter of Famed cannonballer ChaCha Meluzzi Zachinni..

Wendy Tucker said...

They are competing on America's Got Talent this season. The judges loved their audition and they are on to the next round, but not before Heidi Klum gave the pig a kiss.

Tony Greiner said...

If you ever get the chance, ask Les to tell the story of how he discovered the original "Oink" could be played link a xylophone.